Antibacterial Laminates

In our home, certain surfaces are always touchable one like our doors. Especially our kids are always used to play with our doors. So, the door always requires more protection against bacteria and germs. This is where our antibacterial laminate steps in.

When bacteria come into our antibacterial laminate, its chemicals will attack the cell wall of the bacteria to stop it from multiplying. Our Laminates are anti-bacterial with nano-guard, providing anti-bacterial and anti-fungal protection that reduces up to 99.99% of germs on the surface. We mainly use our antibacterial laminates for your main door and bedroom door to increase your house protection. Let us move on to antibacterial laminates to make your current situation even better.

Why Antibacterial Laminates

High Antibacterial Efficacy

Reduces microbes up to 99.9%

Germ-Free Surfaces

High Protection

Water Resistant

Scratch Resistant

Heat Resistant

Reduces Contamination

Asepsy and Hygiene

Safe and Durable Surfaces

Easy to Clean

Effective in Environments

Certified By

Antibacterial Laminate Door Catalogue

More than 300 Antibacterial Laminate Designs Available to Choose

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Marble & Stone

Wood Grains

Horizontal and Natural Wood



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