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The Antibacterial Laminate Door Ensures Safety from Harmful Microbes for Your Children and Elders


In today’s world, where health is super important, keeping our loved ones safe is a big deal. That’s where our Antibacterial Laminate Door comes in—it’s like a superhero door that fights off germs! It’s not just any door, it’s special because it keeps your home cleaner and safer, especially for kids and elders. Stick around as we break down why this anti microbial laminate door is so awesome and how it can make a real difference in keeping your family healthy.

Did you know how harmful these microbes are ?

  • Bacteria are responsible for 30% of foodborne illnesses with proven reasons.
  • At room temperature, the number of some bacteria can double in as little as 20 minutes.
  • On average, 80% of the bacteria are spread through hands-on contact with contaminated surfaces.
  • Pathogenic microorganisms can live on non-living surfaces (like doors) for several months.

Difference between Ordinary laminate and Antibacterial laminate door

On a laminated surface, microbes can multiply in number in rapid succession in as little as half an hour. This may end up in unwanted stains, unpleasant odors, and premature deterioration affecting the durability, life, and cleanliness of the laminated product. In many cases, once microbes begin to multiply on a laminated surface, subsequent cleaning is required to keep the growth under control.

An intermediate laminate is transformed into an antibacterial laminate during the final resin bath for the impregnation process. As a result, we obtain a surface that includes long-term resistance to harmful microbes, which ultimately reduces the chance of cross-contamination and complements current hygiene practices.

Anti microbial laminate Door for 99.9% Safety from germs

They are highly resistant to moisture and damage, are safe in contact with food and skin, and can withstand exposure to heat and cleaning agents. The special manufacturing technology combined with the natural properties of the laminate sheets prevents the growth of mold and bacteria. These types of laminates can kill 99.9% of all surface bacteria within 24 hours. One of its biggest advantages is that the antibacterial properties last the life of the product and do not require any special care. But this does not mean that the surfaces do not require regular cleaning. But maintenance is easy!

Why choose antibacterial laminates door from laminate door?

Laminate door are the first to introduce the antibacterial laminates door in Singapore.  In our laminate door, we are manufacturers of high-pressure laminate doors (HPL), we can guarantee that with our laminate doors, no bacteria will get to you. The HPL has a natural resistance to the reproduction of microbes. We have a wide range of options for your dream place.

Antilaminate door are made with a special anti-microbes layer in the final resin coating in a laminate door which make it to protect us from germ or other bacterial development in our door and result in creating healthy environment.

Anti-Germ laminate doors for home

In our homes, the areas most vulnerable to bacterial infections are the main door, bedroom door, and kitchen door. Antibacterial laminate is a natural choice for doors of these spaces. Antibacterial surfaces are certified for food contact and skin contact so you can use them without any fear.

Anti microbial laminate doors for public space

Restaurants, hotels, malls, airports, all these spaces have strict durability and safety requirements. The wide range of decor means that there are no limits when it comes to designing your own interiors. Spaces that require the most stringent hygiene cleaning include locker rooms and public sanitation the antibacterial laminate is the perfect option. Here, the benefits of an anti-bacterial laminate door, such as easy cleaning, durability, and pathogen-free surfaces, are especially beneficial.

Antibacterial laminates door for health facilities

In healthcare, hygiene and personal safety are of the utmost importance. Whether in the emergency department, waiting rooms, medicine storage rooms, and patient rooms with antibacterial laminate door surfaces are an excellent choice.

Wide selection of designs

In our laminate door, we have manufactured a wide range of types and designs. You can choose from a wide selection of imitation materials such as wood grains, marble & stone, horizontal and natural wood, industrial, and leathers. And you can also allow it to customizable for your need of choice.

Marble & stone

Wood Grains

Horizontal & Natural Wood



Final words

our laminate door is the first in Singapore to manufacture antibacterial laminate doors. this type of door is the best option for your place, let us move on to antibacterial laminates to make your current situation even better.

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