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What are the best Hdb Main door designs in Singapore?


The addition of a new front door or main door designs to your entrance is one of the easiest. Yet most impactful renovations you can make. Whether you want a worthwhile upgrade or a stylish statement piece. We offer some affordable options to transform your entrance with some best Hdb Main Door Singapore.

At Laminate Door, we provide a wide range of high-quality laminate doors. From solid panels to two-tone designs and decorative lining doors. Suit different needs and aesthetics. But no matter which front door you choose, durability, functionality, and curb appeal are assure.

Types of Hdb Main Door designs for HDB/BTO/CONDO

Full Solid Laminate Main Door Singapore

At Laminate Door, we manufacture and supply high-quality full solid laminate main doors across Singapore. Our laminate entry doors are made from dense laminate sheets that interlock together for rigidity and strength. 

The solid laminate construction offers robust protection against warping in Singapore’s heat and humidity. Additionally, it remains lightweight, providing a practical solution for enduring local climate conditions. Yet these doors are impact resistant for high-traffic areas. 

The density and thickness of the laminate panels provide sound insulation and durability to withstand regular use for years. 

Our custom options allow you to select your preferred laminate visual grades, colors, and glass choices to match your home’s style.

Under Full solid laminate main door. We have categorized into 2 types that is: Fire rated doors and non-Fire rated doors

Fire Rated Main Doors:

  • Fire rated doors help prevent the spread of fire. They are constructed with fire-resistant materials to maintain integrity and fire resistance when exposed to high temperatures during a fire.
  • Fire rated doors have intumescent seals and smoke seals that expand and expand to fill openings and prevent the passage of flames and smoke when exposed to heat.
  • Fire rated doors bear labels indicating their fire resistance rating in hours, such as 30 minutes and 60 mins rated fire doors.
  • Actually, 30 mins fire-rated doors usually come with 3×7 ft and are suitable for HDB and BTO, whereas 60 mins fire-rated doors usually come with 4×7 ft and are compatible for Landed properties and Condominium entrances.
  • The higher the fire rating, the longer the door can withstand high temperatures before losing structural integrity.

Non Fire Rated Main Doors:

  • Non-Fire Rated doors or standard doors are not constructed or tested to provide any fire resistance.
  • They are meant for regular daily use and are made of standard wood, solid core, or engineered wood, with a wood Laminate.
  • Non fire rated doors do not have any intumescent or smoke seals. They do not bear any fire resistance labels.
  • When exposed to fire or high temperatures, non-fire rated doors can break, ignite, and spread fire and smoke quickly through the doorway.

Note: If you are not required to install a fire rated door at your flat, you can choose a perfect non-fire rated door if you prefer. At Laminate Door, all of the Main door types—apart from our fire-rated door collections—are not fire-rated.


  1. Durable construction resists warping in heat and humidity
  2. Sound-insulating and impact-resistant properties
  3. Lightweight yet strong and rigid laminate panels
  4. Custom options for various laminate colors and glass choices
  5. Withstands regular high-traffic usage for years due to solid wood construction

Antibacterial Laminate Main Door Singapore

We supply premium antibacterial laminate main doors to homes and businesses throughout Singapore. Our entry doors feature an integrated nano silver particle coating that kills up to 99.9% of bacteria and viruses on contact. 

This powerful coating continues working for the door’s life, keeping your entryways hygienic and healthy. 

The nanoparticles attack microbes by disrupting cell walls and metabolic functions, inhibiting their reproduction. The integrated silver ions deactivate Mold, fungi, and allergens to provide a cleaner indoor environment. 

The special anti-bacterial laminate coating also suits high-traffic areas and Singapore’s humid weather, resisting wear and moisture. Our custom options allow you to choose your preferred laminate color and more importantly. We offer more than 100 antimicrobials patterns for the decor of your house. Be sure to explore our anti-bacterial laminate door collections


  • Integrated special coating kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses
  • Stays active for the life of the door to keep spaces hygienic
  • Inhibits growth of mold, fungi, and allergens for a healthier indoor environment
  • Suitable for high-traffic areas and humid weather conditions
  • Custom laminate color and glass options available

Hagane & Sen line design main door

For those seeking a Hagane & Sen line design for their front door, we offer stainless steel and groove line patterns etched into the laminate. 

The stainless steel pattern resembles stainless steel streaks, creating a sleek and modern appearance. Meanwhile, the groove line design carefully mimics grooves and channels, adding depth and visual interest to the overall aesthetic

These aesthetic laminate doors with elegant designs help create a distinctive curb appeal for your property. The stainless steel line design door mimics the look of iron weaves or metal streaks to give your entrance an industrial yet modern aesthetic. 

The Hagane & Sen line design replicates parallel or criss-cross grooves for a minimal yet textured finish.


  • Unique stainless steel and groove line patterns create a distinctive curb appeal
  • Industrial yet modern aesthetic with the stainless steel line design
  • Minimal yet textured finish with the parallel groove line design
  • Makes a statement entrance for your home or business
  • Customized styles of lining options, lining color, and laminate color options are available

Two Tone Laminate Main Door

This Two tone laminate main doors offers the stylish appeal of contrast while maintaining a sleek look.

With the top half and bottom half or sides or in cross-color combinations in different woodgrain finishes or colours, the door gives dimension and visual interest to your home’s facade.

The customized color combinations for two-tone laminate doors are endless, allowing you to match your style preferences. The durable laminate surface is easy to maintain with just a wipe clean.

The contrast of the top and bottom laminate panels creates a striking visual impact for your home’s entrance while the strong laminate material provides lasting durability.


  • Striking visual impact with contrasting laminate colors
  • Creates an elegant and sophisticated entrance
  • Customizable laminate color combinations to suit your style
  • Easy maintenance with wipe-clean laminate surface
  • Strong and durable laminate construction


Our extensive range of laminate doors encompasses various options. From solid panels that resist warping to antibacterial doors that keep germs at bay, our selection covers all the basics. Additionally, you have the flexibility to customize colors and designs, allowing you to reflect your personal taste.

Whether you choose a practical full solid laminate door or a striking two-tone design, our solutions can upgrade your home’s first impression. Each day, you’ll be welcomed with a brilliant beam, making your entrance a statement of style and functionality.

Call us if you need to find the perfect laminate main door for your home.

It will be our pleasure to help you revamp your entrance and usher in a fresh new style.

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