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Powder Coating Benefits

  • Durability – When treated, a powder coating forms a much harder protective finish than conventional paint.
  • Cost-Effectiveness – In the long run, powder coating may save costs due to its durability.
  • Rust-Resistance – Powder coating provides a protective barrier that helps prevent corrosion.
  • No Maintenance – Because of its durability, resistance to abrasion, and corrosion, powder-coated steel requires little or no maintenance.

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BTO or Build-To-Order flats are a popular public housing option provided by the HDB in Singapore. BTO gates with a housing gate design provide an additional layer of security at the entrance of your BTO flat. They prevent unauthorized access while also improving the exterior appearance of your BTO entrance. We offer custom designed BTO gates incorporating stylish metal and wood finishes. You can select a modern design from our BTO Front entrance gates collection or provide your own custom concept.

Our specialists can then provide front door security gate design recommendations to match your needs. The cost of installing a BTO gate includes purchasing the gate itself. However, we provide free delivery and installation for all our BTO gates. We bring some BTO modern designs of gate that are durable, attractive, and boost safety, providing the best value to BTO flat owners. Metal and wood are low-maintenance, popular options for BTO gates. Given your budget and community guidelines, choose a BTO gate design that optimizes security, functionality, and aesthetics.