Ultimate Guide for Choosing The Best Standing Desk Singapore


Have you heard the buzz about standing adjustable desks? But are you still determining where to start – when it comes to making the right choice in Singapore? Don’t feel overwhelmed by all the options out there –we’re here to help find the perfect fit for your unique needs.Here you have the ultimate guide to choosing best standing desk Singapore.

Get ready to stand up in style with today’s perfect standing desk solution for your Singapore home or office!

Things To Keep in Mind For Choosing The Best Standing Desk Singapore For You

Are you in a quandary about which standing desk is ideal for you? Here are some key considerations to bear in mind when selecting the proper setup: 

  • Ergonomics: Does the desk comfortably fit both your sitting and standing heights? 
  • Height Adjustability: Is the standing desk easy to adjust, or will it require much effort? Make sure to get one that can be adjusted from 600mm to over 1200mm
  • How Much Weight Will it Hold? : How much weight can the desk hold? If you’re on the heavier side, you may opt for a standing desk with a maximum capacity of 200lbs (90 kg) or more.
  • Aesthetics: Does the design of the desk aesthetically complement your existing furniture? 
  • Technical Specs: Can it support the weight you need and keep noise to a minimum? 
  • Quality and Durability: You should also ensure that the desk you buy is stable and durable. 
  • Cost: Set a budget and ensure you get value without overpaying. 

Finding the right standing desk can be tricky, but with these tips guide to choosing a standing desk, you can grab the perfect one for your work or living space!

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Check Out These Tips For Best Standing Table Singapore

Just follow the below tips:

Taking Breaks:

When working at a standing desk, it is important to take frequent breaks for both physical and mental health. 

Taking regular intervals helps to reduce muscle strain, increase productivity, and improve concentration.

It is recommended that users take a break every 30 minutes for 5-10 minutes. 

During the break, moving around and stretching your legs and arms would be a better choice. So it helps reduce neck and shoulder pain from prolonged standing.

Taking short walks during the workday can also increase energy levels and focus. Taking a few moments away from work tasks or screens can have restorative effects on the mind; allowing time to clear the headspace can help one remain productive throughout the day.

Finding the Right Footwear:

When choosing your standing desk, the proper footwear is just as important. Wearing comfortable shoes with good arch support will help to reduce foot fatigue and back pain. It should also provide cushioning and shock absorption to protect your feet during long periods of standing.

It would help. If you are looking for shoes with a wide toe box and plenty of room in the heel to accommodate natural foot movements while you stand.

Opt for shoes made from breathable materials, such as leather or mesh, which may help prevent moisture buildup that can lead to fungal infections or blisters.

Also, look for shoes with an adequate grip on the sole so that you don’t slip or slide when you’re shifting weight from one foot to another. Additionally, ensure the shoe is durable enough to withstand repeated use in a standing position over time – some brands are better suited for high-impact activities than others.

Adjust to a proper Position:

You need to Adjust the desk to suit your body type and ensure your elbows are at a 90° angle. Keep your back straight & your shoulders relaxed because you should be able to see your monitor without straining your neck or eyes.


Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart & your weight distributed evenly. Avoid staying in a static position for too long, shift your weight from one foot to another, or use a wobble board to maintain good posture.

Investing in Supporting Accessories:

If you’re choosing a standing desk, you must choose accessories for comfort and flexibility because the wrong accessories can be more of a hindrance than help.

Here are recommended accessories you need to have:

  1. Ergonomic Electric bars
  2. Heavy-duty Caster Wheels
  3. Under desk drawer
  4. CPU Rolling Stand for Computer PC
  5. Desk Organizer Storage Box
  6. Cable Management Tray Organizer
  7. Anti-fatigue mat
  8. Cup Holder
  9. Dual LCD Monitor Desk Mount Stand
  10. Monitor Raiser

Choosing the Right Chair for You

When choosing the right chair for a standing desk. It is important to consider the type of chair you will be using. Task chairs are ideal for those who work long hours as they provide extra lumbar and neck support, while drafting chairs are great if you plan to stand at your desk more often.

An office chair with adjustable height is also essential so that you can adjust your seat to accommodate different heights while working at your standing desk. It is also important to consider the chair’s ergonomics such as the amount of padding and tilt adjustment.

This will help ensure that your body remains comfortable and supported throughout long hours of work. When selecting a chair for your standing desk make sure it is made from durable materials that can withstand regular use over time.

Refrain from assuming that all chairs will do; choose a chair that is ergonomically designed to support your natural posture and movement.

The best height-adjustable desk brand: Onedesk

What makes Onedesk stand out?

Just read down below why Ondesk stands out as the best: 

1) Design that Uniquely Fits Your Office Needs – 

Customize your standing desk in any laminate design that you desire. You can customize the edges of the desk, thickness, and color, giving you the freedom to have the right desk that matches your taste and your interiors.

 2) 1000+ Laminate Design Possibilities – 

Satisfy your office look with a wide selection of laminate designs available at Onedesk. If you need a dark brown colored anti-virus or maybe a cherry-colored solid color desk – we will customize it for you! it doesn’t matter which size you choose! 

3) Flexibility to Sit or Stand – 

Modify the height settings of your desk so you can be comfortable when working, either sitting or standing. For your comfort, a standing desk should have the flexibility of adjustment from 600mm to 1200mm, as we previously mentioned in this blog.

And guess what? Onedesk’s height adjustment ranges from 605 to 1260 mm, allowing everyone from a small child to a tall person to use our desk without any issues. 

4) Convenience is Just a Touch Away – 

Master your workspace with ease by quickly adjusting desk heights with a single touch on the screen, You can do all adjustments on the screen with a child lock enabled 

5) Quality Without Compromise – 

Get top-grade factory-made materials, craftsmanship, and assembly for your desk from Onedesk specialists. It comes with a laminate top that is impact-resistant, scratch, water-resistant. You can find the best that will last for so long! 

6) Infused with User-Friendliness – 

With Onedesk you can equip yourself with the latest technology, features, and accessories produced by experts at Onedesk. 

7) Buy with Confidence – 

Purchase with peace of mind knowing that your Onedesk products are trusted and certified brands. 

8) Take Your Workspace Further – 

Enhance your environment with Singapore’s #1 Grade Desks and accessories supplied by Onedesk.

Frequently Asked Questions :

Q: What is the weight capacity of the desk?

The Onedesk standing desk can support up to 125 kg in weight. Because of being 36mm standard thickness and made of solid wood material. This has a capacity to withstand hugh amount of weight.

Q: What type of warranty does the desk come with?

Here are the Warranty conditions that come with the desk :

  • The lifting mechanism and the motor are covered for 4 years under the One Desk Warranty. -The One Desk Warranty will cover any missing components from the delivered goods.
  • The One Desk Warranty will cover manufacturing and material faults present at the time of delivery of the products.
  • Major issues with the lifting mechanism’s functionality are covered by the One Desk Warranty.
  • For a full year after delivery, the One Desk Warranty will only cover manufacturing defects with regard to the control panel.
  • The tabletop is covered by the One Desk Warranty for a period of one year following delivery, but only for manufacturing flaws.
  •  All non-electronic accessories are covered by the One Desk Warranty for 7 days after delivery.

Summing up!

So, we hope you’ve got some good information and a clear idea. So that actually choose a height-adjustable desk for your Singapore home interior.

We think this guide to choosing a standing desk can be so useful for you to make sure. About tops and considerations to keep in your mind when installing a new one. If you think that you want to check out some uplift desks for your home. Check our site as we have a separate Onedesk section right at our main page. You can choose whichever Onedesk desk series that you like! Thanks for reading!

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