Digital Lock Bundle Promotion For Oct 2018

Digital Lock Bundle Promotion For Door And Gate

Latest Digital Lock Bundle Promotion for HDB / BTO Main Door and Metal Gate. You can choose to unlock your door and gate by using fingerprint or password.

digital lock bundle promotion

digital lock promotion 2018 gateman wk 21

Digital Lock Bundle Price is starting from $588, we have wide range of digital lock brand, do let us know which model you’re interested so that we can advise you.

To unlock your main door and gate by using rfid card, Gateman WK21 is one of the best option for you. With gateman WK21 you can unlock by using card, password and remote control (gate digital lock only). You can using 1 card can unlock for both door and gate.

For those who prefer to unlock by using fingerprint, you can choose our hot selling model, Gateman Z10. Gateman Z10 can unlock by using fingerprint and password. It also come with 1 remote control for gate digital lock.

Loghome LH600MG is the latest model for gate digital lock which is can unlock by using fingerprint, card, password and emergency keys (4 in 1). Not every model for gate digital lock is come with 4 in 1 function. Take bundle for Loghome LH600 (Door) + LH600MG (Gate) at only $1088. Price including installation and 2 years warranty.

Get your designer fire rated main door with the latest digital lock bundle now and get a extra $100 discount purchase with bundle.

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