Nikawa Safe Box

Are you looking for a 24/7 technical support safe box? If yes, NIKAWA safe is a perfect choice and it will protect your assets and documents. Nikawa is nothing but a sister brand of Nika safe and it is specially designed for home, office, and commercial use. You can use this safe box to protect your vital documents, electronic media, photos, petty cash, and other valuables. All Nikawa safes have a superior feature such as fire resistance up to 1 hour, water-resistant, magproof design, seamless steel body, and hinge side deadbolts. There is four types of security safes such as Electronic Safe, Fingerprint Security Safe, Fire & Water Security Safe, and Evolve safe.


Nikawa Biosafe 20FPDW Safebox


Nikawa Biosafe 25FPD Safebox


Nikawa Biosafe 40FPD Safebox


Nikawa Biosafe 50FPD Safebox


Nikawa Biosafe 60FPD Safebox


Nikawa Biosafe 70FPD Safebox


Nikawa Evolve EV040-ND Designer Safe Box


Nikawa Evolve EV040-NK Designer Safe Box


Nikawa Evolve EV040-NR Designer Safe Box


Nikawa Evolve EV040-SG Designer Safe Box


Nikawa Evolve EV040-SR Designer Safe Box


Nikawa Evolve EV040-SS Designer Safe Box


Nikawa NEK200 Electronic Safebox


Nikawa NEK250 Electronic Safebox


Nikawa NEK400 Electronic Safebox


Nikawa NEK500 Electronic Safebox


Nikawa SWF Electronic Safe 1418E


Nikawa SWF Electronic Safe 1818E


Nikawa SWF Electronic Safe 2420E


Nikawa SWF Fingerprint Safe 1418F


Nikawa SWF Fingerprint Safe 1818F


Nikawa SWF Fingerprint Safe 2420F