Game Changers for Your Indoor Style: 4 Types of Interior Doors with Glass

Types of interior doors with glass

Alamak, got so many kinds, one ah! We at Laminate Door are proud manufacturers of all types of glass doors for your home. We have it all whether you want sliding doors, kitchen doors, or wardrobes. Read on for the 4 types of interior doors with glass we supply:

Sliding Glass Doors

Our sliding glass doors are popular for spacious rooms as they slide open to provide wide access. We have natural wooden sliding doors if you like the rustic look and laminate sliding doors for easy maintenance. Consider our sliding doors with an exposed roller track for an industrial vibe. So, chic!

Sliding Fluted Glass door

Fluted glass door is becoming a popular choice recently for condos and landed properties due to their attractive appearance and longevity. The fluted pattern etched into the glass gives the gate an elegant ribbed look that adds depth and visual interest.

We offer fluted glass gates in both clear and frosted styles. The clear fluted glass allows light to pass through while maintaining privacy. Frosted fluted glass diffuses light for a softer ambiance while still obscuring views.

Fluted glass door is durable and low maintenance, all thanks to the build and those glass materials that we use. The textured pattern helps strengthen the glass and make it resistant to scratches and cracks. Fluted glass door panels require only occasional cleaning to retain their like-new appearance.

Sliding Tempered Glass door:

Tempered glass doors provide a modern, sleek entrance with panoramic views. The thick, flat panes of tempered glass allow maximum light transmission while acting as a sturdy barrier.

We offer tempered glass doors in both clear and frosted options. Clear tempered glass creates an uninterrupted view out while frosted tempered glass provides balanced natural light and semi-privacy.

Tempered glass is around 4-5 times stronger than regular glass due to high temperatures used in production. This makes tempered glass doors highly durable and resistant to impacts and thermal stresses.

Tempered glass doors require minimal maintenance, just periodic cleaning to prolong their life span. The simple frameless style effortlessly complements any modern interior. These doors come with tempered glass frame positioned at the side and centre of the door!

Just like fluted glass door these tempered glass door type also come with frosted and clear glass styles. You can check our door collection to see for yourself!

Wooden Frame Panel Sliding Glass Door:

For those who value flexibility, our wooden frame panel sliding glass doors are perfect. The wooden panels provide seclusion when closed and slide open effortlessly to give an unimpeded view.

Let the daylight stream in a while, preserving your privacy. The wooden frames give a finished, tailored appearance that suits any interior style. Whether you need a door between rooms or one that opens up your living space, our wooden frame panel sliding glass doors adapt beautifully.

Sliding Glass Door with Exposed Roller Track:

The industrial minimalism of an exposed roller track makes our sliding glass doors with exposed tracks a good choice for modern or contemporary spaces. The sleek lines and lack of visible hinges give a clean, unencumbered aesthetic. They become an intentional design feature rather than simply a functional door.

Our exposed track sliding doors use durable rollers and bearings to ensure fuss-free sliding for a lifetime of use. If you’re after a seamless transition between interior and exterior, our exposed track sliding doors let you bring the outside in.

Kitchen Glass Door

Kitchen glass doors are a great way to bring light into your kitchen while still maintaining some privacy. At Laminate Door, we manufacture a wide range of kitchen glass door options to suit any style and budget.

A glass door in your kitchen allows you to see into the kitchen from other rooms while cooking or doing dishes.

Families with young children or elderly parents appreciate this convenience. The natural light streaming through the glass door also brightens up your kitchen throughout the day.

We offer various types of kitchen glass doors like :

wooden laminate kitchen glass door –

Our wooden laminate kitchen entrance doors with glass panels provide visibility into the kitchen space while maintaining style. The laminate panels ensure durability and ease of cleaning, while the glass panels allow natural light into the kitchen and allow you to observe your home from the kitchen.

Kitchen slide and swing glass door –

For maximum functionality, our sliding and swing kitchen entrance doors feature a sliding panel for easy access and a swinging half that opens fully. The sliding panel is convenient for quickly entering and exiting the kitchen without blocking pathways. The full swing panel provides access for carrying large items.

Half-glass kitchen glass door –

Our half-glass kitchen entrance doors feature glass on the upper half and a solid panel on the bottom. The upper glass section lets natural light stream in, while the lower solid panel ensures privacy. It provides just the right balance of visibility and enclosure for the kitchen space.

 kitchen door with Frosted tempered glass panel – 

Our frosted glass kitchen entrance doors allow diffused light into the kitchen while preserving your privacy. The frosted pattern obscures details but still transmits natural illumination. It provides a semi-transparent separation between your home’s kitchen and other areas.

Transparent kitchen glass door –

For fully open-concept kitchens, our transparent kitchen entrance doors feature clear tempered glass panels. They integrate your cooking space with living areas, bringing natural light from all angles. The clear glass lets you keep an eye on the rest of your home while working in the kitchen.

Office Glass Door

Office glass doors are a practical yet stylish choice for any workspace. They allow natural light into the office while maintaining a professional appearance. We offer a wide variety of office glass door styles that can be used for a variety of desires and goals.

Types of office glass doors include:

Modern office door with glass panel –

Modern glass panel office doors feature clean, minimalist designs that are perfect for cutting-edge workspaces. The glass panel allows light transmission while adding visual interest. Available with a wooden or laminate frame to match your office decor. Clear glass panes showcase your business in a sophisticated, contemporary manner that impresses clients and talent.

Standard office door with glass panel –

Standard office doors with glass panels offer functionality and affordability. The glass portion allows natural light into the office while the solid sections provide privacy and sound dampening.

Available with a wooden frame, these basic glass office doors are tailored to meet your office’s needs without breaking the budget. The transparent panels make your workspace appear more open and inviting to visitors.

Wooden glass door for office area –

Wood-framed glass office doors impart a warm, traditional vibe that remains professional. The exposed wooden frame and panels complement wooden office furniture. Available in different wood finishes.

Glass sections let light stream in while wooden lower panels provide acoustical isolation between office areas. These classic glass office doors imbue your workspace with elegance and timeless style.

Office door with frosted tempered glass –

Frosted glass office doors offer visual privacy while maintaining Illumination. The frosted pattern obscures details seen through the glass but still transmits diffused natural light. Ideal for meeting rooms, storage areas, and sidelines within your office.

Available with wooden or metal frames in different finish options. Frosted glass doors provide a subtle separation between office spaces while enhancing your workspace’s dęcor.

Commercial Glass Door

Commercial glass doors combine form and function for any business. They allow natural light into commercial spaces while creating an image of openness and accessibility. Our commercial glass doors include clear, frosted, and tempered glass panel options, Mostly built with wooden frames tailored to suit high-traffic entrances, reception areas, conference rooms, and private offices in hotels, retail stores, restaurants, offices, and more.

These are the types currently available at our store :

Arch design glass door –

Arch-top commercial glass doors make a stylish statement for any business. The arched glass panels allow abundant natural light into the space while drawing the eye upward. Available with metal, wooden or laminate frames in a choice of colors and finishes. The curved glass design lends visual interest that subtly complements your commercial interior. Arch glass doors are perfect for high-traffic entrances, reception lobbies, and conference rooms where you want to convey a sense of grandeur and sophistication.

Commercial fluted glass door –

Fluted commercial glass doors impart elegance and refinement to any business. The ridges on glass panels add visual depth and dimension while admitting natural illumination. Available with metal, wooden or laminate frames. The fluted design softens the lines of the door for a welcoming vibe that greets customers and clients. Fluted commercial glass doors are ideal for retail stores, upscale restaurants, luxury hotels, and high-end offices seeking a distinguished aesthetic.

Commercial wooden door with glass panel –

Wood-framed commercial glass doors bring warmth and timeless style to any work environment. With exposed wooden stiles and rails, and glass center panels, these doors allow natural light into commercial spaces while maintaining a professional appearance.

Available in different wood species like oak, maple, or walnut, with clear or frosted glass options. Wood commercial glass doors suit businesses aiming for an air of tradition without compromising on functionality and practicality. They work especially well in hotel lobbies, restaurants, and offices, seeking a classic yet sophisticated look.

Overall, whether your glass door requires functionality, style, or branding, we at Laminate Door aim to provide high-quality solutions at affordable prices. Just call or WhatsApp us, and our team will be happy to discuss and recommend options best suited to your project scope and budget! So if you need glass doors for your home, office, or F&B outlet, just let us know ah!

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