Height Adjustable Desk- Sit & Stand Working Table

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Our culture has had an on-again, off-again relationship with working from home. A month of work from home followed by a progressive lifting of limitations before a startling jump back into a partial lockdown. But one thing remained consistent through this whole turbulent time… The modest home office, as well as the piece of furniture that holds it all together: the height adjustable desk.


Most home offices require room, but with recent BTOs and condos becoming more affordable, living space has been reducing. While work from home is ideal for people who have dedicated study spaces, it is still considered a luxury. Many people are pushed to discover new methods to reinvent their current living environment. For this reason, One Desk provides a variety of desk sizes. Even form factors to use every inch of space, so enhancing your efficiency and home improvement..


The outstanding player of the workplace is the modest desk. While you’re wasting time in front of the computer. Your workstation is actually doing all the hard lifting. From sustaining the weight of your goals to the instruments of your profession. Nonetheless, it is a frequently neglected gear in the workplace system.

It’s time to consider how much care you put into ergonomics while constructing your workstation. Have you found that your back and neck ache after lengthy periods of sitting at your work, even after purchasing that pricey ergonomic chair? Have you ever considered how much your workstation is impeding your progress?

With work from home revolutionising the contemporary workplace concept, it’s home office makeover season—and it may be the ideal moment to change that simple chunk of wood with four legs into a completely modular, configurable, and adjustable desk experience.

We’ve designed the only desk you’ll ever need, and we’ve made it available to everyone.


It’s our flagship for a reason: with its superb variety of tabletops and unrivalled stability, it revolutionized the desk game for CEOs, professionals, creative, and gamers alike.

Seamless sit-stand functionality gives users the best of both worlds, allowing them to maximize productivity while reducing the stress and health burden of being sedentary for extended periods of time.

We took all of the feedback, insights, and data we’d gathered over the previous several years and created a new and better One Desk, meant to be the ultimate height adjustable desk on the market


What’s the finest thing about it all? An One Desk may be totally customized. You may customize your One Desk by changing the size, materials, and accessories to create your ideal workstation. Perhaps you’d prefer an ergonomic curvature to allow your arms to rest comfortably whether standing or leaning? Or perhaps you like the tried and true straight edge formula.

It also provide a full line of tabletops for all of your aesthetic demands, ranging from live edge slabs to tried and true MDF wood tops.

The One Desk trademark tabletops are composed of high-quality MDF wood and have a patented micro-textured powder-coated surface that is particularly intended for mouse tracking.


Because we think that the future is personalized, everyone has their own concept of perfection. As the definitive contemporary workstation, we’ve built more than just a desk—we’ve created a complete ecosystem that adapts and changes in response to your demands.