Here Is The Key Reason Why We Are Door Specialist in Singapore

The Key Reason Why We Are Door Specialist in Singapore

1. Updated latest door designs

Doors are not only for the privacy and safety of your home, but they are also something to provide a connecting link between you to the outside world. We always in contact with our doors in day-to-day life at home, it takes an important role in life so choose according to that.

In our laminate door, we have a laminate door, veneer door, solid (nyatoh) door, classic door and we introduce antibacterial laminate door in Singapore for the first time.

We have customized designer main door, toilet door, and bedroom door options are available in our laminate door. We always welcome homeowner/interior designer or contractor to come and discuss with us your idea and we can come up with new ideas.

We offer you direct factory price with no hidden cost.

2. Updated latest gate designs

Comes to the main gate design, the main gate gives you extra protection for your home along with the door. We have a wide range of main gate designs from that you must choose one that suits your need.

In our laminate door, we have a mild steel gate, wrought iron gate, 3d laser-cut gate are designed to be filled with nature and colors for your property.

3. Digital door & gate lock options available

In our laminate door, we have a wide range of digital locks are available at low affordable prices. Digital locks are quickly turning into a mainstay in Singapore. And it’s not simply because it provides homeowners a new layer of security.

Digital locks are the way to replace keys or to add additional automation features, like Wifi, Bluetooth, passcode, fingerprint, palm recognition, face recognition, RFID card, and voice control.

4. Customer’s satisfaction

We are highly confident in our promise to serve you better… You have unique requirements for what you want for your dream place, that’s what we are here we will be ready to do custom-made designs for your specific requirements, and we Focus to build long-term relationships with our customers.

5. Dedicated customer service and good knowledgeable salespersons

You will have a dedicated point of contact throughout your first inquiry up to your installation process done… All our salespersons have very good product knowledge.

Operating hours -10 a.m. To 8 p.m. Monday and Friday
-10 a.m. To 9 p.m. Saturday Sunday and evening public holidays….
Contact our salespersons – +65 85220015, +65 91773671.

6. You can buy with promotion sale

We offered a bundle of promotions packages available with us. Before you order something from us please look at the web page about promotion sale.
Installation & professional team support

We offer you an installation process full of free cost and our installers are professionally experienced with their work.

7. Warranty and Faster delivery

We are providing one-year full warranty with no service fee. And we deliver your dream product within 5 to 7 working days of lead time.

8. Easy payments option and instalment available

You can pay by cash or you can pay by any online mode. The instalment payment option will be available with 4% of interest with teams and conditions included. By using the instalment option, you can pay monthly. We give you a 6-month and 12-month instalment option.

9. We have Digital Safe Box

Are you feeling guilty about the safety of your valuable assets and secret documents? If yes, we are always here to provide the top brands of safe boxes that can help you to protect your valuable assets and secret documents from theft. Nika and Nikawa safe boxes are the top company’s brands available at Laminate Door.

10. We also provide door and lock accessories

We will provide you some of the door-related accessories such as Door, Lock, Bedroom, and Digital Lock Accessories.