How Do We Transform from an Old Rusty Wrought Iron Gate and The Old Main Door to Mild Steel Glass Gate with Laminate Main Door and Kaiser+ Digital Lock (Gate & Door)

Mild Steel Glass Gate with Laminate Main Door and Kaiser+ Digital Locks

In this article we discuss about the transformation from an old rusty wrought iron gate and old main door to Mild Steel Glass Gate with Laminate Main Door and Digital Locks.

Most people take their entrance for granted. It’s just a door, right? WRONG!! People first see your entrance when they come to your house. It’s like a first impression, but for your home. You want people to think, “Wow, this looks amazing!” when they see your entrance. But sometimes, that’s not the case. Sometimes people have normal & bland looking entrances. That’s where we come in.

A customer came to us and explained about his bland and outdated entrance. We helped him to transform it into something he could be proud of. In just a few hours, we came up with ideas that completely changed the look of his entrance. He felt confident and excited to start working with us; he also asked for more information as we followed up with him until he got the entrance that satisfied him.

So, let’s take a look about what were his problems.

Problems Faced By The Customer with his Old Rusty Wrought Iron Gate and Old Main Door

The customer did have several problems with his old wrought iron gate and main door. The gate was rusty and needed to be replaced, and the door was old and in need have repaired. The customer replaced the gate and the door with new mild steel products. He claimed that it was unmanageable and impossible to keep that stuff at his entrance, and also, he said that he has frequent visitors to his home. The gate he had was so inconvenient that he even got hurt several times, hitting against it. He said that the door was weak and broke into pieces because it wasn’t sturdy & the quality was poor.

At Laminate Door, we always don’t come up with ideas without knowing the customer’s problems. First, we’ll ask about their problems, and then we will tell them the ideas to make their home look better, we give customers the freedom to select the products they love, and we never force them to buy!!

Our Experience in Suggesting New Products to Replace

One of our sales persons patiently followed him and heard about his problems, we suggested some trending gates, doors, and digital locks that were popular and most sold during that time, but the customer didn’t know either of those products. So, we explained to him the benefits of each of the products. The products we suggested are:

The customer seemed happy and confident about how his new entrance suggestion. We were glad that we felt him satisfied with the latest products we’ve suggested and no longer having to deal with the problems he was facing.

Why did we suggest such products while we have the rest? Well, read below to know why!!

What is the reason for suggesting a Mild Steel Glass Gate with Laminate Main Door with Kaiser Plus digital locks for the door and gate?

There are a few reasons for suggesting a Mild steel glass gate with a Laminate main door with Kaiser Plus Digital lock.

The first reason is that it will add more value to your home as the laminate main door is made of quality. The laminates have several benefits like scratch resistant, water resistant, adaptable to harsh weather conditions, and so on.

The second reason is that the Mild steel glass gate is much easier to maintain than an old wrought iron gate.

The third reason is that it will be more aesthetically pleasing and add curb appeal to your home because the Mild steel glass gate looks neat. There is no worry about corrosion because they’re made with sturdy materials, powder coating, and spray painting.

The digital lock we suggested will quickly make his home better and more secure than his regular rusty lock, which is useless when those keys are lost, even if it’s not a problem, but standard locks are too old school for people living in the present world.

Mild Steel Glass Gate with Laminate Main Door and Kaiser+ Digital Lock

The Process: How did we transform his old gate and door?

We started by removing the worn-out wrought iron gate. The gate was heavy and challenging to move, so this was no simple task. After removing the gate, we took the door apart, sanded it down, and then installed the new laminate main door following the laminate colour and size he had chosen.

Finally, those Kaiser digital locks were installed by us.

The entire process took several minutes, but it was well worth it in the end. As long as the customer is satisfied, we are also happy!!

The Result: How does the entrance look? What did the customer have to say!!

The wrought iron gate and main door were in bad shape when we arrived. The customer was very unhappy with how they looked. We worked quickly to transform the entrance into something much more modern and sleeker. The customer is delighted with the results and has told all their friends about our work. This excited us; we believe our hard work is just making our customers happy!!

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