Gateman Digital Door Lock Install For Main Door & Metal Gate

Gateman Digital Door Lock is Korea No #1 digital door lock with quality and innovative.

It can install on HDB / BTO / CONDO main door or metal gate. You can choose to unlock your door and gate by using fingerprint or rfid card.

Gateman Z10 Digital Lock is the latest model of gateman fingerprint lock. It can register up to 20 fingerprint. Easy for your family member to use and manage. Z10 also come with 1 master password and 30 different user password (only in advance mode).

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gateman wf20 digital door lock manual

Gateman WF20 Digital Door Lock

$499.00 $348.00
gateman wf20 gate digital door lock

Gateman WF20 Gate Digital Lock

$649.00 $549.00
Gateman Z10 Digital Lock Price in Singapore

Gateman Z10 Digital Door Lock

$599.00 $448.00
Gateman Z10 Digital Door Lock Singapore

Gateman Z10 Gate Digital Lock

$699.00 $599.00