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We carry only the best-name brands known for durable mechanics, sleek designs, and advanced features. From basic models to high-end options with wireless access and smartphone app control, we have a digital lock to suit every need and budget. Depending on your door type and installation requirements, we can assist you in selecting a lock that perfectly matches your door type and installation requirements. If you need to get reliable push-pull digital locks in Singapore. Let us assist you in choosing the option that best suits your interests!

Push-pull door lock offer a more convenient and secure alternative to keys. Our wide selection features locks from top brands like Kaiser, Kaadas, Solity, and Samsung. All come with high end security features and additionally we also have a separate category of fire rated digital locks, where all are certified and conformed to Singapore standards with valid certificate of conformity.

Best Push Pull Digital Door Lock Brands

Push Pull Digital Locks

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So, all our push pull digital locks work in a similar fashion – just push or pull the handle to open. No keys are needed. Instead, the push pull door lock only opens when it recognizes your fingerprint, password, or access card. This assures a higher level of security for your home or office. We stand behind all the locks we sell with a 2-year warranty and best-in-class technical support. Our trained specialists can help you choose the right digital lock based on your unique needs and installation type.

So, if you’re ready to upgrade the security of your door with a convenient push pull digital lock, browse our wide selection today. Your new keyless lock is just a push or pull away!

Shop with confidence at Laminate Door if you want to own the most convenient and secure push pull digital door locks on the market. So come see our wide selection of the best push pull digital door locks!