Reimagining the Concept of a Home Office


As we move into a new era of working patterns. The modest concept of home office has risen to the top of the list of living places. The change was quick, but for many of us, the silver lining was that it gave a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to establish a work atmosphere that genuinely reflected our goals.

Until recently, few people had the opportunity to build a beautiful, thoughtful, and ergonomic office. That maximized comfort, efficiency, and productivity. After all, an ideal workplace should be packed with purpose – a devoted sanctuary designed to induce flow state and deliver the greatest potential outcomes, regardless of your skill.


Sit-stand desks have previously been shown to provide a variety of health advantages. However, your physical health is only one aspect of the issue. A workstation should excite the heart in addition to the body.

Creating a location of power, expression, and inspiration will put you in the best position to make your dreams a reality. When we are motivate, we do our best work. So, as Marie would say, when you’re deciding how to set up your home office, it should “spark pleasure.”


Without your knowledge, the ambiance of a room may alter your efficiency.

According to a Clutch Future of Work poll, the majority of employees said It is critical to have a comfortable and visually attractive workplace close by.

And nearly 40% thought have a dedicated desk (or office) was the most significant element.

Another recent study found that the aesthetics of a workplace have a real impact on every single employee, and that those with a greater degree of mindfulness will be influenced more than others.

In essence, individuals who are most in sync with their surroundings would be most motivated by a beautiful workplace. So, whatever you do best, it will never feel like a chore when you are in a pleasant atmosphere.


The desk, being the focal point of your home office, is the most labor-intensive component (aside from you, of course). Consider what you could accomplish if you used a magnificent, one-of-a-kind desk as the basis of your workstation, achieving the ideal balance between the appearance and the functionality.

The OneDesk is one of them: a concept of home office without compromise and an appealing style. Every piece in this series is more than just a desk, since it is handcraft from live edge timber. They are unrivalled expressions of personality and accomplishment.


The OneDesk collection exists as one-of-a-kind creations for the owner, both a direct expression and a deliberate artistic decision allow them to develop.

The hero of your surroundings, your workplace, and your house, as to be appreciated.