Slide & Swing Toilet Door install for HDB / BTO at Door Factory Price

Slide & Swing Toilet Door install for HDB / BTO at Door Factory Price

Slide & Swing Toiler Door is similar to PD Door, which is give you extra space except it does not need to follow the track and uses the magnet to attract the frame to allow easy locking.

It is light and can be fold easily to save your toilet space. Most importantly it does not have track on top and bottom, it’s easy maintenance and to prevent elderly or kids to trip over and fall down.

It’s the best solution for HDB/BTO Toilet. More easy to use and more durable if compare with bi-fold door.

1 door at $400for size 3x7ft. Get 2 door at $750. You can choose White or Grey colour frame.

For Black frame we will add $80 for each door.

Below are some of the project we have completed:

slide-and-swing-toilet-door-01slide-and-swing-toilet-door-04slide-&-swing-toilet -door-05slide & swing toilet door for hdbslide & swing toilet door

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