HDB Fire Rated Door Specialist

Looking for fire rated door to protect your building? Laminate Door is your one-stop shop for fire solutions, including fire rated doors and non-fire rated doors in Singapore. We mainly considered your specifications of your property, we offer a wide range of fire rated doors for you to choose from. So, don’t feel panic just simply discuss your requirements with our specialists and we’ll be able to recommend the most suitable solution. In addition to fire rated doors and fire rated door frames, we can also assist with fire door inspection and fire door installation services, plus we’re proud to be leading fire rated door suppliers in Singapore.

  • Our fire rated main doors normally comes with 2 sizes, which is 3x7ft and 4x7ft.
  • This fire rated door can withstand fires for a few hours, giving emergency services enough time to put out the fire and salvage your property.
  • Fire rated doors are made by fire-resistant materials like timber, metal, steel, glass, wood.
  • Certified fire rated doors – Get from SETSCO & PSB.
  • Fire rated single leaf & double leaf doors are available in plenty of colours and numerous designs.
  • If you have fire rated door on your home, it will maximize people and property safety.
  • Fire rated door is tough and robust in nature. This means it will protect your home or commercial property not just from fires, but also from burglars and potential threats.
  • Our fire rated doors are fire rating ranging from 1/2 Hr to 1 Hr.
  • Fire rated doors are now days in singapore it is essential aspect of your building’s structure, aesthetic, and safety.
  • This door will protect against the fire spreading, containing it to one place along with the smoke and toxic gases emitted. It will be a mandatory thing to install fire-rated door for every home.
  • If you have fire rated doors making sure you, and your people, and your building is as safe as we are one of the leading specialists in fire rated doors.
  • To make sure you create the best and first impression with a wide range of high quality, sophisticated doors for your HDB, Condo or Landed Property from us.
  • We have a wide variety of customizable designs and our wooden fire rated doors are ready to be tailored to meet your specific needs. It will give full secure for yours.
  • Apart from safety we provide the fire rated doors with beautiful look and shiny view, the laminated fire rated doors have a lot of designs with more attractiveness


Who Needs Fire Doors?

Shared Residential Spaces
Healthcare Facilities
Education Facilties
Industrial Spaces
Commercial Spaces