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There is a rise in fires occurring in residential homes across Singapore. In order to allow more time to evacuate and prevent the spread of fire, Fire-rated Doorsets are offered in varying degrees of protection against fire. The additional time granted by Fire-rated Doorsets can make the difference between life and death. Our Fire-rated Doorsets are accredited by both SCDF and local certifying bodies for fabrication, manufacture and installation.

Why Fire Rated Door?

  • Our fire rated main doors normally comes with 2 sizes, 3x7ft and 4x7ft. Customised sizes are available upon request.
  • This door has a fire resistance rating between 30mins to 2hours.
  • Giving emergency services enough time to put out the fire and allow occupants to escape.
  • Fire rated doors are fabricated using our quality fire rated materials and are sent for fire resistance testing which complies to the prevailing fire code by SCDF.
  • We are certified by local certification body which are accredited by SCDF. Certification body ensures that the fire rated doors that we fabricate and install conforms to the tested prototype. The certification body will then issue fire labels and certificate of issuance to acknowledge that the door is certified as fire rated.
  • Fire rated doors are now days in singapore it is essential aspect of your building’s structure, aesthetic, and safety.
  • To make sure you create the best and first impression with a wide range of high quality, sophisticated doors for your HDB, Condo or Landed Property from us.
  • We have a wide variety of customizable designs and our wooden fire rated doors are ready to be tailored to meet your specific needs. It will give full secure for yours.
  • If you have fire rated door on your home, it will maximize people and property safety.
  • our door is tough and robust in nature. This means it will protect your home or commercial property not just from fires, but also from burglars and potential threats.
  • Our door will protect against the fire spreading, containing it to one place along with the toxic gases emitted. It will be mandatory to install fire-rated doors for every home.

Fire Rated Door Features

Fire Resistant

Fire Resistance Core 0.5/1 Hr Seal

Resistance to impact

Unbreakable Fronts

Resistance to Surface Abrasion

No Surface Abrasion

Resistance to Scratch

Durable to Scratches

Who Needs Fire Doors?

Shared Residential Spaces

Healthcare Facilities

Education Facilties

Commercial Spaces


Industrial Spaces

Shared Residential Spaces

Healthcare Facilities

Education Facilties

Commercial Spaces

Fire Rated Digital Locks

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