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Philips EasyKey Digital Door Lock is a new product category of Royal Philips. Driven by the perception of “Human-centric innovation”, Philips EasyKey aims to evolve the use of traditional door locks through advanced technologies and offer the end-user a hassle-free, convenient and reassuring home entry experience that meets their needs in all aspects.
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Since the brand release, Philips Digital Locks has always been digging deep into its users’ diverse demands and adhering to the ambition of simplifying people’s way of living with constant and significant innovation. The product portfolio now covers 5 series (9000 series push-pull lock, 7000 series lever lock, Alpha series compact push-pull lock, 6000 series engineering lock, and 5000 series rim lock) and includes 8 models, which form a complete and mature system applicable to extensive scenarios.

Based on the idea of solving problems for the first time, the nationwide after-sales servicing network comprises not only

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