Everyone dream is to make our living room more beautiful and stylish. Specially we will take more care about our bedroom. Doors are playing a major role on making our bedroom even more stylish. There are some common bedroom door types available in Singapore, like Classic, Nyatoh, Veneer, Laminate and Burn. We are customizing these doors with stainless steel, grove line and glass view. We have our own manufacturer factory in Singapore to ensure that all our quality doors are manufactured to local standards.

Laminate Door

Laminate door is the perfect option for your bedroom door in HDB. Because it is also known for scratch and sound resistant. There are plenty of laminate designs available in the market for selection, compared to other types of doors.

Veneer Door

Veneer doors are always popular with interior designers when replacing new doors for homeowners. Choosing the perfect design of a door is an art and it will give a house different meaningful feel.

Solid (Nyatoh) Door

The solid door is a perfect choice for bedroom, because it made from Nyatoh sheet glued and pressed together on the Plywood with adjacent layers. We are the leading manufacturer and supplier of solid bedroom door in Singapore.

Classic Door

Are you looking to make your bedroom more modern? If yes, then classic door is the perfect choice. You can paint it with any color which is suit to your bedroom interior.

Barn Door

Only this barn doors offers you way more benefits than just opening additional space in a room. It can be installed wherever you want – making your décor like no other.

HDB Solid Bedroom Door