• The door is the main charm of the home, our laminate door has many beautiful designs for you to choose.
  • We have more than 1000+ door design at a direct factory price.
  • Do visit our showroom, definitely, you will get an better ideas for your dream home.
  • Feel free to discuss with us about your Home Door, Gate and Digital Lock needs.
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New Arrival Wall Art Design Gates(WAG)

Now we are moving towards more trendy conditions in this hectic world and in addition, our decisions strive to locate the popular possibilities to make your house look fashionable. This is why we select the WAG ( Wall Art design Gates)

WAG Gate Home Page Most Popular 2
WAG Gate Home Page Most Popular
WAG Most Popular Gate
WAG Most Popular Gate

New Arrival One Desk

Make Yourself at Home with a Height Adjustable Motorized Smart Desk – One Desk One touch control at the workplace and clever design features simplify and comfort your life. We have wide range of Height Adjustable Smart Desk to choose. 

One Desk Industrial Series Most Popular image
One Desk Marble Series Most Popular Image
ld one desk home page image
One Desk

Founder of Laminate Series

The measure of success for this series have been quite astonishing, Laminate series have undergone several public surveys and consequences show that over 74.8% of the population is expecting for Laminate Series.

HDB Laminate Gate LD-4336
HDB Laminate Gate LD-7698
HDB Laminate Gate LD-4588
HDB Laminate Gate LD-9116

2021 Best Selling Mild Steel Gate Design

  • Gate is not only provided another layer of security but also add a design to the entry of our home.
  • We have launched many types of gate series but the most popular type is our mild steel gate that is commonly installed for HDB metal gates. It’s easy to maintenance.
Best Selling
Best Selling Gate
Best Selling Gate in Singapore
Best Selling Gate for Condos

2021 Best Selling Door Designs

  • Laminate door landing a broad variety of the main door with different types of laminate and finishing.
Two Tone Design Door
Two Tone Design Door
Two Tone Design Door
Two Tone Designs

Why Laminate Door?


Factory Price

Direct factory price with no hidden cost, feel free to visit our factory and showroom.



We are providing one year full warranty with no service fee.


Fast Delivery

We deliver your dream product within 5 to 7 working days of lead time.


Easy Customization

We allow our valuable customers to do their own customization.

The Latest Door Design

  • We offer a variety of styles to match the look of your homes, using only the finest materials.
  • We are the leading door & gate supplier and manufacturer in Singapore.

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