Aluminum Door normally will be use as toilet door for HDB, BTO and CONDO. Here’s 3 types of aluminum door for toilet:

Slide & Swing Door

Slide & Swing Door is similar to PD Door, half slide and swing to open without top track. It’s easy to use and save the opening space. You can customise the door design to match with your house theme. Can make as kitchen entrance door as well.

Bi-fold Door

Aluminum Bi-fold Door is simple door and common to use as toilet door. It comes with top and bottom track.

Q-fold Door

Q-fold Door is new generation for bi-fold door. It’s no track on bottom, smooth to open without noise sound and water proof.

Slide & Swing Door

The best solution for HDB/BTO Toilet and Kitchen entrance, easy to use and save the opening space.

Aluminum Bi-fold Door

Simple is just nice.

Aluminum Q-fold Door

Next generation high quality toilet door, smoothest and durable.

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