Toilet Door

HDB or BTO Toilet Door Types

Slide and Swing Door

Slide & Swing Door

Louver Design

Slide & Swing Louver Door

Aluminum Bi-Fold

Bi-Fold Door

Aluminium Q-Fold Toilet Door

Aluminium Q-Fold Door

Aluminium Slide and Swing Door

Aluminum Slide and Swing is the perfect addition to any bathroom! Our products offer superior durability for long lasting and resistant to water. They are also Perfect for reducing noise, conserving energy and aluminium is almost 100% recyclable. The aluminum frames are expertly crafted to ensure your family will enjoy such a beautiful interior door without fear of harm or rusting, and also gives you the confidence that it will last in the year to come!

Aluminium Bi-Fold Door

An Aluminium Bi-fold toilet door is the ideal solution for any busy modern bathroom in Singapore. Not only does it look sleek and Modern, but its practical design offers several benefits to you. The bi-fold Feature allows for doors to be opened with ease, even in confined spaces – allowing for maximum space efficiency.

Which Model of Toilet Door is Suitable for my House?

Slide & Swing Toilet Door (No track)

Flexible and Easy To Use

Aluminum Bi-fold Door (with top &  bottom track)

Option for Economical & Practical

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