Fire Rated Digital Locks in Singapore

Fire rated digital locks in Singapore are the perfect solution for HDB, BTO, Condo homes, and businesses that must comply with fire safety regulations. They provide secure access control, allowing owners to limit access to areas where flammable materials are stored securely. And when installed properly, they can help buildings meet fire safety standards and codes. To unlock doors, fire-rated digital locks use electronic authentication methods such as key cards, biometric scans, or passcodes.

This ensures that only authorized personnel have access while providing additional protection against potential fires.

Depending on their rating, these locks can resist temperatures up to 800+ degrees Celsius and remain closed and locked in a fire scenario. Fire rated digital locks have various features that make them more protective and functional than regular digital and traditional mechanical locks. For example, users can be assigned different access levels, individual credentials can be revoked quickly and easily if necessary, and individuals can be tracked through audit logs with Auto-lock, smoke alarm, theft alarm, resisting fire for 1 hour long, and so on.

Top Fire Rated Digital Lock Brands

Fire Rated Digital Locks

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