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Full Solid Main Door

Groove-Line Door

Two Tone Design Door

Anti-Bacterial Door

Groove Line Bedroom Door

Groove Line Bedroom Door

Full Solid Laminate Bedroom Door

Full-Solid Laminate Bedroom Door

Neo Barn Doors

Neo Barn Doors

Barn Doors

Barn Door

Veneer Doors

Veneer Door

Slide and Swing Door

Slide & Swing Door

Aluminum Bi-Fold

Aluminum Bi-Fold Door

Louver Design

Louver Design Door

Aluminium Q-Fold Toilet Door

Toilet Swing Door

Sliding Glass Doors

Sliding Glass Door

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Kitchen Door

Wooden Bifold Door

Wooden Bifold Door

Double Equal Leaf Door

Double-Equal Leaf Door

How to Find 3x7 & 4x7 Door?

You must first determine the size of your door, whether it is 3 feet by 7 feet (single panel) or 4 feet by 7 feet (double panel); Then, depending on your door frame, you should make sure to get a door with a thickness of 40 to 45 mm. If you’re sure about compatibility, you’ll feel confident before choosing your new door! If you have any queries, then feel free to contact our expert sales team!

Our Laminate Certification

Door Manufacturer and Supplier

We are Singapore's premier manufacturers and suppliers of doors! We have everything from Main doors to wooden bi-fold doors at factory prices. Not only do our designs look great, but they also boast superior construction that ensures security, durability, and longevity. So, don’t waste time scouring hardware stores – come straight to us instead. We have enough options and styles available to make even the pickiest of homeowners happy.

HDB Main Door

Our Main doors are the perfect addition to any HDB Home Entrance. Explore our designs and take your home’s aesthetic to the next level. Unlock unparalleled security, sturdiness, and style with a unique design crafted just for you. There is something for everyone with a wide range of options, including groove-lined types, Laminate, two-tone designs, and fire-rated and non-fire-rated doors with countless colour options.

HDB Bedroom Door

Are you Ready to add a bit of energy and style to your bedroom? So are we! That's why we've created a range of HDB Bedroom Doors that will add personality to any space. Our door designs come in an array of colors and styles, so whatever your style or budget is, there's something for everyone. Plus, all our products are made from premium materials that assures superior durability and longevity.

Condo/Landed Main Door

To make your Main door dreams come true - We've got the most suitable main door available. If you're in a condo or landed property you'll should check out our wide range of stunning designs and options, it's never been easier to make your entrance special. Step up your style game today with us! Don't settle for average – stand out from the rest with our unique designs.

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