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Welcome to our collection of metal gates! With an incredible variety of styles, materials, and colors, we have the perfect and customized gate designs for any entrance. Our expert team is ready to assist you find what you’re looking for in the most efficient way possible. Each gate is carefully crafted from classic Mild steel gate to wall art styles to ensure durability and quality.

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How to Find 3x7 & 4x7 Feet?

To find the correct dimensions for a 3×7 or 4×7 feet gate, you’ll need first to measure the opening of your door frame. Generally, in Singapore homes, 3×7 is a single panel, and 4×7 has double panels. To do this accurately, it is essential to have a steel measuring tape at least 25 feet long. A 3×7 foot gate will fit perfectly if the door opening is between 33-36 inches wide, while a 4×7 foot gate will fit best if it is between 36-42 inches wide, with a height of 84 inches each. But if you have any queries regarding this, Our expert sales team is there to assist you!

Mild Steel Gate

Mild Steel Gate is very popular is popular solution to install as a HDB Metal gate. It has a sleek, modern look that is easy to maintain. The gate is made of mild steel, which makes it strong and durable.

Laminate Gate

Leading the entrance of your house to the next chapter. Laminate Gate is the perfect way to add style and security to your home. The sleek, modern gate design will complement any decor, while the durable construction ensures years of lasting beauty. With Laminate Gate design, you can rest assured that your home is safe and stylish!

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Wall Art Gate (WAG)

Wall Art Gate (WAG) is a unique and exotic piece of art that will add beauty and distinction to any home. This makes it not only beautiful to look at, but also incredibly strong and durable. Wall art gate is the perfect way to add a touch of personalization and style to your home.

Laser Cut Gate

Laser Cur Gate is the most Premium and Unique Gate in Singapore for HDB, BTO, and Condo. This is the perfect addition to your home security. Laser cut gates are made of premium materials and features a unique design that makes it stand out from other gates. Plus, it’s easy to install and even easier to use, making it perfect for homes with children.

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