At Laminate Door Showroom, you can choose all types of gate you need. We are able to customize the design to suit your house theme.


Mild Steel Gate

Mild Steel Gate is very popular to install as an HDB metal gate. It’s modern and easy to maintenance. It comes with Power Coating Colour (Black, White & Grey).

Are you looking for high-quality Mild Steel Gate in Singapore?
Are you looking for the latest trendy Mild Steel Gate Design in Singapore?
Are you looking to get a cheap Mild Steel Gate for your home?

If yes, then you are in the right place. We offer a wide range of unique designs. All are more attractive, and they can provide you effective security as well.

Our Facilities:

❖ We allow our valuable customer to customize their mild steel gate design.
❖ We deliver your mild steel gate within 5 working days of lead time.
❖ We deliver a high-quality mild steel gate at the cheapest price in Singapore.

Pet Friendly Mesh Gate

Pet-Friendly Mesh Gate can prevent your pet to escape from your house and not squeeze through the HDB gate. You can maximally the visibility and airflow with the mesh gate. Don’t worry, it does not have to clean, just using feather duster will do.

3×7 Feet at $780
4×7 Feet at $880

Customize size is available. Top up $100 for laser cut unit number.

Wrought Iron Gate

Wrought Iron Gate is often to use for HDB and BTO in Singapore. Wrought Iron Gate normally comes with a classic design, it’s favorite by most of the customer because of durability and good appearance.

A wrought iron gate is the best secure option for home security. Wrought iron gate is prone to rust if it is being installed outdoor and in areas with direct rain and sunshine, the lifespan of the wrought iron gate can be prolonged if it is constructed using galvanised material.


❖ High security & protection.
❖ Long lasting.
❖ Low maintenance.

3D Laser Cut Gate

Laser Cur Gate is the most Premium and Unique Gate in Singapore for HDB, BTO, and Condo.

You can choose Our gate design for Free or Customise your own design at only $200.

3×7 Feet at $1180
4×7 Feet at $1280
*Top up $200 for customise your own design.

High-Quality Workmanship with a laser cutting machine with a lesser welding joint will be seen.

How To Know Your Current HDB Gate is
3×7 Feet or 4×7 Feet?

HDB Main Door and Gate normally comes with 2 size which is 3×7 feet and 4×7 feet. You can confirm your gate size with your main door. Single panel main door size as 3×7 feet and Double panel main door size as 4×7 feet.

Unlock Your Gate With Digital Lock

Complete your door and gate with a keyless solution. At Laminate Door Showroom, you can get Samsung, Gateman, Loghome, Kaadas, Hafele, Kaiser Digital Lock for your main door and metal gate.

Customize your gate design to suit with a digital lock. You can choose to unlock by using fingerprint, card, password or keys.