Glass Door Digital Locks Singapore

Glass Door Digital Locks Singapore

Digital Lock for Glass Doors

We offer a wide selection of electronic digital locks for glass doors to suit any style and budget. Our glass door locks utilize the latest biometric and keypad technologies to provide highly secure yet convenient access control for your home. Whether you need a basic keypad lock or a high-end model with fingerprint and card reader capabilities, we have an option that is right for you.


All of our digital glass door locks feature sleek, minimalist designs that blend invisibly into the aesthetics of any home. They install easily without modifications to your existing door frame for a seamless retrofit. Programmable PIN codes and fingerprint templates make it easy for everyone in the household to gain approved access. We have a keypad, biometric, and card reading functionalities in our digital lock for glass doors!

Keypad glass door locks allow you to program your unique PIN code for entering the building. When you enter your code at the digital keypad, the lock reader verifies it and automatically unlocks the door.

Digital Glass Door Locks

Igloohome Glass Door Lock

Original price was: $541.00.Current price is: $460.00.

Samsung SHS-G510 Digital Glass Door Lock

Original price was: $450.00.Current price is: $405.00.

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Biometric glass door locks use fingerprint recognition technology which is extremely secure. All you have to do is place your registered finger on the fingerprint reader. The biometric lock scans your fingerprint and only unlocks the door if there’s a match on file. This function in the electronic door lock for glass door gives the most secure option for keyless entry. Glass door locks with card readers are convenient if you have an employee ID badge.

In short, digital locks for glass doors – like biometric lock for glass door, digital door lock for glass doors, glass door biometric lock, glass door digital lock Singapore, and office glass door lock – offer ultimate convenience and security for your office or home.

We offer free installation and delivery services on all glass door lock Singapore purchases. You will be guided by our professional installation team in setting up user access and personalizing security settings to meet your requirements. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help upgrade the security of your home with a digital lock for glass doors.