Glass Doors

Glass door Singapore

Glass Doors Features

Space saving

Maximize the use of space in your kitchen.

Aesthetically pleasing

Allowing natural light in and brightening up the space to gives a fantastic look

Tempered Glass

The panel is made up of tempered glass as its stronger and not easily crack

Shatter Resistant

Increased safety for your family from accidental breakage.

Commercial Glass Doors

Installing a commercial glass door into your business can be an efficient, cost-effective way to give your customers the convenience of entering and exiting at their own discretion. You'll benefit from increased heat retention during colder months and improved airflow in warmer months.

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Sliding Glass Door

Sliding glass doors flow open to unite indoor and outdoor spaces. Sliding glass door Singapore - they slide sideways on tracks for a seamless transition, saving big space in the kitchen, office, or commercial properties. These doors bring the outside in, flooding rooms with natural light while maintaining privacy. This can also be used as a perfect glass door for bathroom.

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Kitchen Glass Doors

A kitchen Glass doors provide an open concept for the kitchen. The glass door for kitchen or kitchen door with glass invites light and views. Transparent glass doors never block the space, yet offer privacy and security. These stylish doors showcase the kitchen's beauty while keeping heat/cool within.

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Office Glass Doors

Office glass doors provide a transparent view of activity within. These doors, made of tempered glass, invite airflow and visibility while securing the space. These glass office doors always maintain sightlines and the flow of people and resources. Glass office doors showcase an organization's culture and brand through their design. Depending on placement, they can enhance focus or collaboration

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