Igloohome Mortise Digital Lock

At igloohome, we strive to make lives better through the use of innovative technologies in our smart access systems. We believe what we do unlocks more freedom for you to get the most out of every moment.

With igloohome, you can grant PIN codes remotely without Wifi
igloohome devices work offline for greater security and reliability. Unlike other Bluetooth smart locks in the market, your guests will not need to download an additional app to gain access. Our unique algoPIN™ uses technology that’s similar to a banking token’s One Time Password (OTP).


How does algoPIN™ allow you to generate PIN codes without WiFi?

Here’s a quick explanation.

STEP 1: Pairing

After installation, you’ll need to pair your lock to your igloohome account via the igloohome app on your smartphone. Upon successful pairing, your smartphone will sync the unique PIN token to our secure cloud servers and does not retain the token locally.


STEP 2: Generate PIN

When creating PIN codes for guests or family members, your smartphone sends a request to your token in the cloud servers. Using algorithms and seeds, a unique PIN code is then generated at random with the validity duration built into it. There’s no need for you to be near the lock to do this.


STEP 3: Grant PIN

Now armed with a PIN code, you can share this with your desired recipient via WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, SMS, and more. There’s no need for your guest to download an additional app to receive the PIN code.


STEP 4: Access Property

As the PIN code is keyed into the respective igloohome device, the lock translates the PIN code into the desired action e.g. Grant access once only.


Model of igloohome Smart Lock