Laminate Mesh Gate Manufacturer

Laminate Series is created by a group of innovative youngsters. Leading the entrance of your house to the next chapter. Have you ever wonder even you get your gate changed in the common market, designs are just too common.

Lam series is designed to allow your gate to be filled with nature & colours. Creating a natural atmosphere when you can choose your own Laminates to match the theme of your house not forgetting the security & privacy of your property.

The measure of success for this series has been quite astonishing, Laminate series have undergone several surveys in the public & results show that over 74.8% of the population is anticipating for Laminate Series. The result is based on 250 personnel over 4 locations of our homeland.


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Pets Friendly

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High-Quality Material

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Powder Coating

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Spray Painting

Resistance to scratch

Customized Design

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Made in Singapore


Creating a new concept moving forward future.


Upholding quality of work from design to production. Mission success through constant innovation of ideas.

5 Easy Step To Order Your Favourite Gate

(i) 3×7 feet (main door as a single leaf)

(ii) 4×7 feet (main door as a double leaf)

Choose your design

LD-501 to LD-536

Select the colour for your gate

Select your gate handle

Modern / Classic

Do you need unit number on your gate? (available in gold colour)

Yes / No

Laminate Mesh Gate (Premium Gate Collection)