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Laminate Series is created by a group of innovative designers. Leading the entrance of your house to the next chapter. Have you ever wonder even you get your gate changed in the common market, designs are just too common.

Laminate series is designed to allow your gate to be filled with nature & colours. Creating a natural atmosphere when you can choose your own Laminates to match the theme of your house not forgetting the security & privacy of your property.

The measure of success for this series has been quite astonishing, Laminate series have undergone several surveys in the public & results show that over 74.8% of the population is anticipating for Laminate Series. The result is based on 250 personnel over 4 locations of our homeland.


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Pets Friendly

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High-Quality Material

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Powder Coating

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Spray Painting

Resistance to scratch

Customized Design

Made in Singapore

Made in Singapore

Why we suggest the Laminate Mesh Gate?

“Create a safe environment for your lovely pets; Laminate mesh is customized especially for pet lovers”

Laminate mesh is the great option for who are looking to increase your pet safe, For some homeowners taking their pets like more care, those peoples are like to give more safety for their pets, we provide best option for you, this Mesh gate more special for pets made up of high quality materials with maximum air flow.

Laminate mesh gate is perfect solution for your pets to creating a safe space, when you are in out of home. Don’t anxiety about your pets have a pleasant and relax mind lovable pet was in safe space. This laminate mesh gate comes in high quality material combination of mild steel, laminate skin and mesh steel. It is always the best option for HDB /Condo / Main gates. It has the stronger material and our laminate skin produce great look of your home. Laminate mesh gate is better option for your pet safe ever.

When your pets like dog is chewing or scratching into your home gate over his mesh gate can avoid. Sometimes your pets are renowned to escape if you have a normal gate. It is easy to jump or run over out. If you have energetic pets definitely install over this laminate mesh gate even though you did not know your pets’ attentions whenever jump over from home.

The pet love homeowners come over from unsafe environment make your space as safe for your pets and families. You can safe your pets to avoid jump out from home. Mostly you did not see this kind of pet friendly gates on other showrooms. The more protection you can get through our laminate mesh gate.

To make comfort environment for your pets

The materials of mesh gate combined with mild steel, It is one of the durable, sturdy, and robust material and it is perfect for HDB / Condo gates. So that the gates are using this material for long lasting use. It is impossible to break increase your home safety over this. Installing over this mild steel mesh gate ensuring that you properties and belongings is now far extra protected with tough material layer.


The present days unlawful entries are increasing so make up with more security to your home can be able to decrease the risk of becoming a victim over this mild steel combined Laminate mesh gate. And the surface laminate is looking shiny and makes the home appearance as well good.

Due to this laminate skin and mesh design able to create personality of your home.  Installing this laminate mesh gate provide home with a unique and fantastic look way to increasing the security and maintain style of your home. Whether your home is any place this laminate mesh is suite for you, we have plenty of laminate mesh gate designs you can select over from you can choose from styled gate to blend in your surrounding with good appearance.

Wide variety of designs:

There is wide variety of laminate mesh gates are available in our catalog with direct factory price we are the manufacturer and seller. No hidden cost. You can get with affordable prices. Don’t compromise the designs you can select according to your style or we have customize the designs also.

Take a visitors look to your main entry before entering your home having all the finest qualities in this laminate mesh gate installing. Laminate gate design increase the aesthetic value of your home. It has been well performer of your home adding the starting touch with finest one. This laminate mesh gate designs are never fails to impress your visitors and including you even if you see it every day.

5 Easy Step To Order Your Favourite Gate

(i) 3×7 feet (main door as a single leaf)

(ii) 4×7 feet (main door as a double leaf)

Choose your design

LD-501 to LD-536

Select the colour for your gate

Select your gate handle

Modern / Classic

Do you need unit number on your gate? (available in gold colour)

Yes / No

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