Sliding Laminate Glass Door

Sliding glass door is always a beauty enhancer, we have sliding glass doors with half transparent and full glass transparent also. Today our sliding glass doors have won people heart with their style, utility, safety and aesthetic beauty, in Singapore. And these kinds of sliding glass doors are utilized by several offices and residences as they not only solve the issue of privacy and security, but they also provide customized room partition which can be opened to a bigger space. The main advantage of sliding glass laminate door is attracting by every people because the view. If you are select this sliding laminate glass doors. It will add elegance to every home decoration. It would be well match for style and traditional look also. We have laminate glass doors in number of designs as per your need.

The glass sliding doors are give a charm look of your home where the sliding glass doors are installed making it visually more attractive for the viewers. These kinds of sliding doors may be installed in several places like dressing room, bathroom, kitchen, and can act as room dividers, as your need the laminate is extend the door and transparent view will be shorter in glass sliding door.

Another benefit of sliding glass doors is space maximization. The glass sliding doors like mirrors create optical illusion which provides a feeling of having more space in a room than what really exist. It is especially beneficial for the smaller rooms which need to look spacious. Thus, the design and style of sliding glass doors is best for small spaced area where these doors proves functional and also increases the beauty of your home.

Cleaning procedure is one of the most important factors in maintaining the look of the doors which contributes highly to the interior beauty of a home. Our sliding glass door designs are such a way that they are easy to clean and can be cleaned with natural cleaners. Highly concentrated chemicals are better avoided on glasses as it may leave unwanted spots and stains on the glass which can totally damage the attractiveness of the door.



  • High-quality door direct from the factory.
  • Material: Wood & Tempered Glass.
  • Space-saving Door.
  • Free installation.
  • Free delivery.
  • Made in Singapore.
  • Free Onsite Measurement.

Sliding Laminate Glass Door