Wall Art Gate

Wall Art Gate (WAG), made of mild steel(most durable material), brings the festive style out to your home. WAG is fully switchable on their panels with different designs, one gate with many designs. Maintaining Art, privacy and security of your home always remains secured.


In this busy world, we are moving to trendier and moreover our choices are trying to find the popular options to make our home looks good. That’s why we choose the WAG( wall art gates). This gate can shift’s the trends into designs. Because of using the mild steel it has a vast advantages. Here the features and advantages of the WAG is discussed below.


  • The most appealing feature of this product is its capacity to mould in the necessary form when it comes to mild steel.
  • Pressing and moulding of the gate is more easier.
  • WAG Design Gate is one of the most adaptable also integrate into different styles/designs.
  • Another quality that makes it attractive is the weldability of the gate. Because of the limited concentration of carbon that is presented. Although it is tough to weld the strong steel material since fractures might occur throughout the process, little carbon steel products seldom shatter.
  • The WAG gates are made by the most prevalent material which can be bent, twined or welded to withstand fractures. So that Wall Art Gates are made of different designs as per the customer requirements.
  • Inside, the gate style/design can be changed at any time without changing the whole gate. The more designs are available also the more customization can be done.

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