Wooden Bifold Door

Laminate Wooden Bifold Door install for HDB Bedrooms, Toilet or Storeroom. Not enough opening space for your bedrooms or storeroom? Can’t fully open your door? Let’s look for our solid laminate wooden bi-fold door.

We offer bifold doors in various designs to blend into the theme of your home design. It comes with the top sliding track to make it more durable and easy to open & close. You can lock the door by using a bi-fold latch.

Bifold door are a stylish choice for modern homes with limited space.  These elegant and very functional doors will add to the value of your home while also boosting its appearance.

In Laminate Door, we have more than 1000 laminate designs for you to choose from. Let’s mix & match the design to suit your house theme.

Imagine enjoying the convenience of having two doors that fold away to open up a large room area quickly, creating a clean and clutter-free look. Wooden bi-fold door is an attractive and practical solution for homeowners. They are composed of two panels that are joined together along their lengths by hinges. The panels can be opened by pulling the front of the door, which causes the front to fold inwards, which reduces the insane amount of space taken up by the door. This makes them ideal for small spaces or where there is limited wall space.


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