Some people looking for old style gate for their main door. Wrought iron gate is the perfect option for your HDB or BTO main door. Wrought iron gate is one of the best options to secure your pets from running out of your home. Especially in Singapore if you are staying in HDB, then obviously you should not have enough space for your lovely pets, in this case our wrought iron pet friendly gate is the only choice to secure your pets.



Wide Variety of Design

Better Security

More Elegant

5 Easy Step To Order Your Favourite Gate

(i) 3×7 feet (main door as single leaf)

(ii) 4×7 feet (main door as double leaf)

Choose your design

LD-501 to LD-536

Select the colour for your gate

Select your gate handle

Modern / Classic

Do you need unit number on your gate? (available in gold colour)

Yes / No

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