How to Choose the Perfect Water Dispenser / Water Purifier for Your Home


Confused about which water purifier dispenser is right for you? It’s a baffling decision with hundreds of options, sizes, features, and temperatures! Don’t throw your hands up in frustration just yet – we are here to demystify the process of picking the perfect water dispenser for your home. From standalone models to built-in units, there is a water dispenser to fit any space and lifestyle.

To make sure you make the correct choice, read on for our tips on choosing the perfect water dispenser / water purifier for your home! As you see, you can only choose one dispenser for your home; right, at last, we’ll list our recommended water filter that you can check out! Let’s go!

Benefits of Owning a Water purifier  And Dispenser

We have segregated into their tiers of Benefits if you’re using a high-quality water filter in your home.

Check out the advantages:

1: Quick and Convenient Water Access 

– Get clean, fresh-tasting water any time you need it. 

– Enjoy chilled or hot water straight from the dispenser. 

– Save money on bulky water bottles by using the reusable cups provided. 

2: Healthier Drinking Water 

– Filtration systems remove impurities, including heavy metals like lead and mercury. 

– UV sterilization kills bacteria other microorganisms, ensuring that your water is safe to drink. 

– Taste enhancers in some models can reduce chlorine odors and add a hint of citrus or another flavoring. 

3: Reduced Plastic Waste 

– Hot and cold taps mean you don’t need to purchase bottled water. 

– Many models offer built-in recycling containers for used plastic cups. 

– Repurposing the same container reduces carbon emissions associated with transporting bottled water.

Types of Water Purifier Dispenser in Singapore

Need to pick a water dispenser? Start here! The market is full of different models, each with perks and features.

Let’s break down the Four key types:

  • Bottled water dispenser
  • Table top water dispensers
  • Freestanding Dispensers
  • Point-of-Use units

Bottled Water Dispenser: 

If you’re satisfied with simplicity and convenience, this dispenser can be easily installed and requires no plumbing. Just chill or heat up the bottled water before dispensing for a stress-free experience, available in both countertop or floor-standing models.

Direct Piping Water Dispenser: 

An economical choice that promises quality and value, these units utilize your own tap water and are outfitted with an effective filtration system to remove sediments and bad odors. Plus, the continuous access to both hot and cold water makes it easy to serve drinks to guests!

Table Top Water Dispenser: 

Don’t let its small size fool you; these budget-friendly models offer substantial convenience and portability. Perfectly designed to fit on kitchen counters and tables, tabletop water dispensers make home life easier than ever!

Freestanding Water Dispenser: 

This sleek style sits on the floor, allowing you to connect it directly to your plumbing system while housing separate tanks for dispensed H2O. Plus, many are equipped with filtration systems that remove unhealthy contaminants from your drink.

Point-of-Use Water Dispenser: 

Enjoy on-demand filtered water without having to rely on bottled versions. These energy-saving units attach right into your existing tap water supply line. But before you purchase, remember to think about the source of your water supply, the size of the unit, and whether you want hot & cold or just cold options. Make an informed decision – get yourself the perfect water dispenser / water purifier!

How to Select the Right Water Dispenser for Your Home

A Homeowner’s Guide To Choosing The Best Water Purifier in Singapore

Assess Your Needs: What type of water do you need? Do you plan on only having drinking water, or will you need boiling and/or cold water? 

Consider the Space: How much space do you have to install your dispenser? Measure the area where the machine will be placed, and make sure to consider any obstacles such as doorways. 

Factor in Power Source: Make sure to check for easy access to power outlets. If there are none nearby, find out what options you have for running a new power line or buying an extension cord. 

Think About Water Source: You can go with a traditional bottled dispenser, or opt for one connected to a water line. Whatever option you choose, check the availability of replacement parts and maintenance services. 

Set A Budget: Water dispensers come in all shapes and sizes, so deciding on a budget is important before you start shopping. This way, you can narrow down your options and find the best possible deal.

Reasons Why Aox is consider as best Water Purifier in Singapore

Let’s get into to this straight; Our recommended water dispenser Brand is “AOX”

Let us be honest about what we offer we are the authorized dealers of AOX, and you may have doubts about why AOX and why do you even recommend this brand.

AOX is trusted by doctors, nutritionists, and families in Singapore! Their technologically advanced water dispensers provide natural antioxidant alkaline drinking water. 

From the Compac Series to the AOX-2000NU and everything in between, they have a highly efficient selection with unique features like sterilization and sanitization – not to mention their patented AOX filter technology that eliminates bacteria, pesticides, parasites, chemicals, and heavy metals!

Plus, there’s no need to invest in a new fridge if you’re looking for an economical solution; AOX offers affordable alternatives that are both safe and incredibly convenient. Don’t forget they offer speedy delivery times and have more than 10 years of experience within the industry.

Even this is one of the popular reviews given by an AOX Customer

Here is the review:

“Sherry’s children have eczema, and when their skin itched, they would scratch until it bled. The doctors recommended steroids, which would also weaken and thin their skin. After drinking AOX water for a few months, the improvement was very obvious. Her children now experience skin inflammation less often, and the itching is no longer severe. They have also described the taste of AOX water as good and refreshing. “

This is just one, there are thousands of good reviews about this reputed brand, Check the AOX Page to find more reviews.

Okay, now, let’s look at why AOX is so special!!

Here’s What Makes it Unique: 

Revolutionary Filtering Technology:

The DDMI filter used by AOX is capable of filtering out minute bacteria, heavy metals, and other hazardous contaminants, leaving you with only beneficial minerals. This filter ensures excellent quality even when dealing with lower-quality source water in some countries.

Alkaline and Antioxidant:

Not only does AOX provide sparkling clean water, but it also makes it alkaline and antioxidant in its composition. As a result, essential minerals like calcium, potassium, magnesium, sodium, and silica are added, which will keep your cells, bones, joints, organs, and skin in perfect shape.

Safe & Healthy Drinking Water:

The AOX Compac O2+ Water Dispenser is one of its kind to host multiple sterilizing & sanitizing functions. Enjoy safe and healthy drinking water without having to worry about boiling or any extra hassle – right from your dispenser!

Hydration and Beauty Boosts!

You can discover the delectable advantages of AOX Water’s tiny molecules: easier absorption by the human body translates to improved hydration and minimized puffiness. Plus, your skin will benefit too!

Suitable for All Ages:

FDA-approved alkaline minerals mean that AOX water is okay for babies, kids, and those on medications – no need for ionizers here! Fully certified and tested, AOX Water promises safety, healthfulness, and a great flavor.

Longer Shelf Life and Ready for Anything:

You’ll be prepared for anything with the durable shelf life of AOX Water! Five-gallon or 19-liter bottles are frequently available in workplaces, commercial properties, and households due to the many beneficial features associated with this eternally quenching refreshment.

In short, AOX Water Filter astonishes you with its capacity to provide you with clean and healthy drinking water and other remarkable health and beauty benefits. It’s the perfect solution for all ages and a much wiser, healthier, and tastier choice for any emergency preparation!

Top AOX Products to Choose(Purifier/ Dispensers)

You can check out more products like alkalizer and even shower filters from AOX page.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1: How to maintain an AOX Water filter?

A: To ensure your product lasts for a long time, be sure to stick to AOX’s maintenance regime. That includes unplugging the appliance before cleaning its external surface and faucets with bleach, washing the drip tray and screen, scrubbing the tank (if using a bottled model), and disinfecting the insides of the water cooler.

Q2: How often do I switch the filter in my AOX Water Dispenser?

A: We suggest you swap out the filter in your AOX Water Dispenser every 6 months or when the filter indicator lights up. This step guarantees that your water will stay crisp and clean of pollutants.

Q3: How to order my own AOX Dispenser?

A: You can book your chosen dispenser online to get a new one. We can also handle the delivery(which requires additional charges)

Final words:

Gone are the days of tedious and bulky water jugs! Pick the perfect water dispenser / water purifier for your home depending on your space, the type of drinking water you need, and how often you need to refill it. With so many options out there, there’s no denying that making the right choice can be confusing. But with these simple tips in hand, you’re sure to find the water dispenser that meets all your needs!

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