HDB Door Suppliers Singapore

HDB Main Door

The major confusion is finding the best quality main door for your HDB. Wooden door is an only choice for main door and its categories into 4 types like laminate door, veneer door, solid (Nyatoh) door and classic door. We are the largest main door manufacturer and supplier in Singapore. Get the latest main door design for your Home, up to 500 design you can choose now.

Antibacterial Laminate Door

Looking for Antibacterial protection for your house? You are in a right place and our Antibacterial Laminate main door always here to protect your house against germs and bacterias.

Laminate Door

Laminate door is the perfect option for your main door in HDB. Because painting or varnishing the door is not necessary here. Also, it has water resistant, scratch resistant and low maintenance.

Two Tone Design

We manufacture with two and more colour/design laminate skin. The superb finish offered with our laminate makes super-easy to work with. No need for paint/varnish, simply decorate doors with two tone skin.

Solid (Nyatoh) Door

The solid door is a multi-purpose door ideal for internal and external use in industrial, commercial and residential applications throughout Singapore.

Groove Line Design Door

Are you looking to make your home entrance more modern? If yes, then Groove Line design door is the perfect choice. You can add stainless steel on Silver, Gold, Rose gold colour which creates new trend.

HDB Fire Rated Main Door

HDB Non-Fire Rated Main Door