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Laminate Door has always stepped ahead in Door Gate Manufacturing Innovation… So, First Time in Singapore Laminate Series is created by a group of innovative youngsters. Leading the entrance of your house to the next chapter. Have you ever wonder even you get your gate changed in the common market, designs are just too common.

Laminate series is designed to allow your gate to be filled with nature & colors. Creating a natural atmosphere when you can choose your own Laminates to match the theme of your house not forgetting the security & privacy of your property.

Why Choose Metal Gate from Us?

How to Find 3x7 & 4x7 Gate?

Laminate single & double leaf (3x7feet & 4x7feet) solid main door for HDB that comes with normal single grip lockset and magnetic door stopper.

This is a solid main door with 40-45mm thickness depends on your door frame.If your unit is near to staircase exit, you have to purchase a fire-rated/fire proof main door.A solid main door has better sound resistance compared to a hollow or semi-solid door.Price stated is for single laminate skin, can mix and match different type of skin to make the door look more beautiful


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Mild Steel Gate is increasingly gaining its popularity in Singapore for Gate Replacement. Looking for a direct manufacturer or supplier to get a high-quality metal gate for your home? You are landed in the right place. We have our factories in Singapore to ensure our fabrication process and materials comply with the industrial standards. Simple 3 steps are enough to complete your requirement.

Step 1: You just walk into our showroom and choose your own customized gate design.
Step 2: Then our installer will come to visit your home and take a complete measurement.
Step 3: Finally, our installers will come with your customized gate and do a proper instalment.

Mild Steel Gate

Mild Steel Mesh Gate

Mild Steel Privacy Gate

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Looking to add an extra layer of security to your home? Our well-designed 3D laser cut gate will help you to do that. Do not worry about the gate customization, we are able to customize your HDB Gate to any design as long you provide us. Starry Sky 3D Laser Cut Gate and Monstera Leaf 3D Laser Cut Gate designs are our latest hot selling designs.

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