Wrought Iron Gate Manufacturer and Supplier

Most of the HDB and Condo house owners using wrought iron gate for their main entry to increase their main door security. Due to its durability and wide range of designs, most of the people make this one their favourite. Wrought iron gate is constructed using galvanized material, so it won’t affect by direct rain and sunshine. We are manufacturing wrought iron security doors which can complement your home. All are custom made to meet your requirements.

Wrought Iron Pet Friendly Gate

Some people looking for old style gate for their main door. Wrought iron pet friendly gate is the perfect option for your HDB or BTO main door. 

Wrought Iron Privacy Gate

Are you looking to make your door decoration in old style? If yes, then a wrought iron privacy gate is the right option. 

Wrought Iron Mesh Gate

Mild In Singapore most of the people are cat lovers. Wrought iron mesh gate is the only option to prevent your cats from running out of your home.


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Wide Variety of Design

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Better Security

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More Elegant

5 Easy Step To Order Your Favourite Gate

(i) 3×7 feet (main door as single leaf)

(ii) 4×7 feet (main door as double leaf)

Choose your design

LD-501 to LD-536

Select the colour for your gate

Select your gate handle

Modern / Classic

Do you need unit number on your gate? (available in gold colour)

Yes / No

Wrought Iron Gates

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