Main Consideration of High-Security Door for Your Home Entrance

High Security Door for Your Home

The main door entrance is a backbone of our dream home. So, we need to have more care about that. High security is the main concern of all doors. When you are going to choose a new main door then you need to consider the available security features of that. Below we are going to discuss about the top security features of our home door.

Antibacterial Efficiency:

In current situation antibacterial efficiency is the main features we need to consider. Is antibacterial protection available in door? Yes, there are wide range of antibacterial laminate door is available in Singapore market. Our main door entrance is the main part of our home which is hardly possible to touch by everyone.

So, we need to provide high protection to our main door through antibacterial laminates. The main work of antibacterial laminate is providing anti-bacterial and anti-fungal protection that reduces up to 99.99% of germs on the surface. In this pandemic period, you need to give first preference to the antibacterial laminates.

Water Resistance:

Another important consideration is water resistance. This is one of the common security factors of the main door. Normally Laminate doors are having water-resistance features. So, you need to consider the water-resistance as another security factor of the main door.

Scratch Resistance:

Scratch resistant is another important security feature of our door entrance. Because there are plenty of possibilities are there to scratch our door entrance by our kids or anyone. Especially if you have a kid then you need give first preference for scratch resistance. Our kids are always interested to play with our home entrance. In this case laminate door is the best one with high scratch resistance capability.

Fire Resistance:

If your room is located nearby your staircase then you need to have a fire rated main door entrance. The fire-resistant doors are having a capability of holding the fire between the time of 3 minutes to 1 hour. So, when you are going to order a door entrance for your home, you need consider above mentioned important features to increase your home security. Let start choose your main door with high security features and make your highly protected house.