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Why High-Pressure Laminates Are Popular for Doors in Singapore?

The door is playing the main role in home renovation in the Singapore market. Now a day’s peoples are looking for an exact door design which will match their home interior. So, the only choice is Laminate. Because more than 1000’s of laminate design is available.

In this article, we are going to elaborate on high-pressure laminates specifications in Singapore. High-pressure laminates you can count on to provide the safest surface to your inner space. In the Singapore market it comes with anti-bacterial properties, in addition to excellent resistance and durability, to build an inner space you can trust.

Class ‘O’ Fire Resistant Grade:

Fire-resistance can be an oft-overlooked feature in many interiors. To improve your inner space’s fire safety, our high-pressure laminates has been tested and accorded an optimal class ‘O’ fire resistance qualification by TUV SUD PSB. This assures that our high-pressure laminates release less heat during fire and require more time for flames to spread across their surfaces.


Being non-porous and stain-resistant in nature, standard laminate already has an edge when it comes to ensuring the hygiene and safety in your inner space. Since the laminate surfaces are the go-to finishes for kitchen or bathroom surfaces, we aim to maximise your comfort by equipping our high-pressure laminates with additional anti-bacterial properties using a special formulation. Certified by TUV SUD PSB.

Green Label:

Opting for laminates over natural wood assures that your style choices do not needlessly impinge on the environment. Our high-pressure laminates are certified under the Singapore Green Labelling Scheme, which assumes that the contents and raw materials sourced to manufacture our products meet stringent environmental standards.

Marine Grade:

Certified by Det Norske Veritas (DNV) and compiled with the strict fire protection requirements set by Marine Equipment Directive (MED), These marine-grade designs do not generate excessive smoke nor toxic products during a fire, enhanced with low flame spread properties. The rigorous safety standards guarantee that our laminate finishes are reliable in marine applications.

Ultra-Wear Resistance:

The low-maintenance finish and long-term durability of high-pressure laminate surfaces promise every user peace of mind. Achieving a high standard of resistance lasting up to 700 cycles of friction, High-pressure laminates wit this ultra-wear resistance is extremely tough and durable. With adequate care and maintenance, our designs are ideal for any surface application subject to the wear and tear of everyday use.