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How to Install Full Solid Bedroom Door for HDB at an Affordable Price

full solid laminate bedroom door

Introduction: How to Install full solid laminate bedroom door at HDB for an Affordable Price

If you are looking for a solid bedroom door that is affordable and easy to install, then you should consider purchasing a door for HDB, then you. 

We sell doors that are made from high-quality materials, we also fabricate doors and install them at your home at the factory price -which is a cheaper option. 

To achieve a unique look for your bedroom, you should consider opting for a bedroom door with Laminate Door. In this article, we will provide the features of full solid laminate bedroom door installation and we’ll list the price that is generous.

Things to Consider When Installing a Bedroom Door at HDB

There are a few key things you should consider when installing a solid bedroom door at HDB :

  • The door should be hung so that the hinges are on the inside of the room, and it’s best to install a doorstop to prevent the door from swinging open too far.
  • You should also ensure that there is enough free space between the door and any furniture or other objects in the room.
  • Lastly, it’s important to choose a door that is both strong and sturdy, in order to provide your family with maximum safety and security.

Why Install a Solid Classic Bedroom Door a Good Choice?

There are many reasons why you might want to install a solid bedroom door:

  • A solid door can provide that extra layer of security, as it’s much more difficult for someone to break into than a standard door.
  • A solid bedroom door can help to keep noise levels down, which is ideal if you need to get some sleep during the day.
  • Another great reason to install a solid bedroom door is that it can help to improve energy efficiency in your home.
  • A solid door can provide a thermal barrier between your bedroom and the rest of your home, which can help you maintain steady temperatures both in the winter and the summer. This may save you a lot of money on your energy bills over time.

Why Select Laminate Door for Solid Bedroom Doors?

Our doors are made with full solid cores, not the hollow door or compressed fiber wood that you find in many other stores. As a result, they are significantly more durable and there are fewer chances to warp or buckle over time. You can have better water and sound resistance with full solid wood. 

In addition, These doors will also last longer than those made of other materials because they are more strong and more durable.

Laminate Door is the only company in Singapore that offers a wide range of solid classic bedroom doors that can be installed in HDB and BTO flats, as well as condos and landed houses

What is The Cost for Installing a Solid Bedroom Door:

There are many reasons why Laminate Door should be your top choice for purchasing solid bedroom doors. The doors are made of high-quality materials and construction, ensuring a lasting product that will look beautiful and add value to your home for years to come. 

you can’t beat the price: for standard HDB size, one door costs just $480, but get three doors and you’ll pay only $1380 – a savings of more than $200! So don’t wait any longer – This Price includes installation service, lock set, and varnish or paints for the door. Additionally, you can pick any color you like.

Order your new bedroom doors today from laminatedoor.com.sg!

Conclusion: How to Install solid Bedroom Door for HDB at an Affordable price

In conclusion, installing a solid bedroom door is a great way to improve the security and privacy of your home. It can also be done at an affordable price, so there is no reason not to do it. If you are interested in installing a solid bedroom door Laminate door is a good option that you can choose!

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