Creative Ways to Upgrade Your Home Entrance

Your home’s entrance is your first chance to make an impression. Why not show it some love with a few creative upgrades? Even small changes can transform your entryway into something eye-catching and unique. And the best thing is: “You don’t need a huge budget or excellent construction skills to freshen up your doorstep”. Whether you want to add style or functionality (or both!), here are some easy yet clever ways to upgrade your home entrance.

Choose a new Factory-made front door.

The front door is like the face of your home, so choosing a new HDB door can make a stylish first impression. Check out the eye-catching designs like groove lines, stainless steel stripes, and two-tone styles. If functionality matters most, the anti-bacterial laminate and standard laminate doors have you covered. And for added safety, HDB’s fire-rated doors provide protection and peace of mind.

Here are the popular types of doors that might be best for your home:

#1: HDB Main door

Types of HDB Main doors:

1)Groove line design door: This door features sleek grooved lines to make a modern statement. The horizontal grooves create an eye-catching yet minimalist design. The grooves are formed on different designs as per customers’ choice!

2)stainless steel stripe door: You can add an industrial touch with a stainless steel stripe down the center of the door. The stainless steel strip contrasts with the door material for an edgy design. The stainless steel lining can be coated with different colors. It actually brings a shine and superior look to a front entrance!

3)Anti-bacterial laminate door: For a low-maintenance door that’s protected from germs, choose the anti-bacterial laminate. Its unique laminate surface inhibits bacterial growth to keep your family healthy. It would be great for commercial areas or in a crowded space!

4)Laminate Main Door: The standard laminate door offers a durable, water-resistant, scratch-resistant exterior at an affordable price. It comes in a range of solid colors and wood-grain patterns with the look of real wood. We have laminate doors with 1000+ designs, which would be best for you to match exact colors with interiors!

We offer all these HDB main door types and more at unbeatable factory prices. Check out our selection and unbeatable discounts if you want a stylish yet practical door upgrade.

#2: HDB Fire rated Main door 

An HDB fire-rated main door is designed to withstand high temperatures for a specified period, helping to contain fires and prevent the spread of flames. These doors have fire-resistant cores and frames and seals/gaskets that block fire and smoke. With a fire-rated door, you get added safety and peace of mind and can reduce home insurance costs.

Some key things to know about HDB’s fire-rated doors:

  • They meet strict fire safety ratings (e.g., 30 minutes, 60 minutes, 90 minutes) – We offer 30-minute fire-rated doors and 60 Minute fire-rated doors. However, only 30-minute fire-rated doors are mandatory & suitable for HDB Flats.
  • The fire-resistant core is made of materials like mineral fiber or gypsum.
  • Seals and gaskets are heated/flame-resistant to prevent smoke and fire spread.
  • They are more durable and heavier than standard doors.
  • Due to specialized, fire-resistant materials and construction, they may be more expensive than regular doors.

#3: HDB Non-fire rated Main door

An HDB non-fire-rated laminate main door has a durable laminate exterior but without the fire-resistant core and components of a fire-rated door. These doors are more affordable than fire-rated doors but provide a different level of fire safety.

Some key points about HDB’s non-fire-rated laminate doors:

  • They have laminate exteriors that are water-resistant, durable, scratch resistant, weatherproof, and easy to maintain
  • Standard wooden or metal cores and frames instead of fire-resistant materials
  • Do not have the heat/flame-resistant seals and gaskets of a fire-rated door
  • Typically cheaper than fire-rated doors as they do not contain specialized fire-resistant parts
  • Still a high-quality, long-lasting door for standard home use without fire safety requirements

In summary, non-fire-rated laminate doors are a budget-friendly option if you do not need the extra fire protection and safety of a fire-rated door. They offer durability and water resistance but will not contain fires or high temperatures as effectively.

Add a factory-made entrance gate.

Adding an entrance gate is a great way to boost home security and show off your style. Gate options range from decorative to heavy-duty, so you can choose one that fits your needs and preferences.

Here are the types of gates that are popular:

  • -Wall art gate
  • -Mild steel gate
  • -Laminate gate
  • -Laser-cut gate

Wall art gate: If you want a gate that’s as much art as a barrier, choose a decorative wrought iron gate with intricate patterns and designs. These gates enhance curb appeal but could be more secure. It is made of CNC Machine with precise cut and size. The panels of the wall art gate are customizable for certain occasions. You can mix & match the style.

Mild steel gate: A Lightweight mild steel gate is a good option for added security and a good alternative for any regular steel or wrought iron gates you see. A mild steel gate with vertical bars offers visibility while still deterring intruders. It’s stronger than a wrought iron gate but less obstructed than a solid gate.

Laminate gate: A low-maintenance laminate gate is a really good alternative to a standard metal gate or mild steel gate; mostly, the gates come with wide solid panels. The laminate gate is durable and moisture-resistant. It provides a good level of security for most homes.

Laser-cut gate: A metal gate with a contemporary laser-cut design is eye-catching yet vital for a unique touch. The intricate cut-out patterns let some light and air in while maintaining safety and privacy. The laser-cut gate is a stylish choice for a modern home.

We offer many entrance gates to complement your home and needs. From decorative art gates to strong steel gates, we can help you find the perfect gate to upgrade your entrance.

Install a Digital lock(choose the best brand)

Upgrading to an innovative digital lock is one of the best ways to gain keyless, convenient entry to your home, and it’s a new way to keep your entrance looking the best & more secure than a traditional lock. Digital locks offer pin code access, fingerprint recognition, mobile app control, and more. You can choose a basic pin-code or smart lock with advanced access features and auto-unlock capability.

Authorized brands:

You can choose from brands like Hafele, Kaiser, Solity, Igloohome, and more, with options ranging from basic pin codes to fingerprint scanning and Bluetooth connectivity.

We recommend the following top 5 digital lock models:

Kaiser H7690 Push Pull Digital Door Lock: You can’t go wrong with Kaiser’s popular push-pull lock for secure keyless entry and an anti-panic exit.

Samsung SHP-DP738 Push Pull Digital Door Lock: Samsung’s premium smart lock offers pin code, fingerprint, RFID access, notifications, and logging.

Hafele PP8100 Fire-Rated Digital Door Lock: Hafele’s fire-rated lock keeps you safe with 60-minute fire protection and tamper-resistant construction.

Kaadas K9 Push/Pull Digital Door Lock: This Digital lock has an anti-cut bolt and packs many access options into an attractive design.

Solity GSP-2000BK Digital Door Lock: Solity’s GSP-2000BK offers versatile entry methods, an anti-peep touchscreen, and a sleek, vandal-resistant exterior.

You’ll gain keyless entry convenience and top-notch security with a smart digital lock from these leading brands. Choose from basic or fully-featured locks to upgrade your entrance innovatively, and connectedly.

Additional creative ways to upgrade your home entrance (Bonus)

Bonus Tip #1: Improve outdoor lighting and entryway.

Here are some reasons and tips to improve your outdoor lighting and entryway for a beautiful entrance:

Why do we need to do this? (Benefits)

  • Lighting up your entryway creates inviting curb appeal and a welcoming first impression.
  • Additional lighting enhances safety and security, making it easier to navigate at night.
  • Stylish lighting fixtures and accents reflect your creativity and attention to design.

How to create perfect outdoor lighting and entryway?

Outdoor lighting:

  • Add accent lights to highlight key areas like the entryway, front door, and landscape.
  • Choose LED fixtures that are energy-efficient and long-lasting.
  • Include a mix of task lighting, accent lighting, and mood lighting.
  • Install smart lighting you can control from your phone for convenient automation.


  • Include a statement light fixture or chandelier.
  • Add ambient light with a lantern or string lights.
  • Include functional furniture like a bench, chairs, or storage cabinet.
  • Include decorative touches like a mirror, rug, artwork, or plants.

With some dramatic lighting and cozy entryway furnishings, you can create an entrance worth admiring whenever you come home. Enjoy showing off your eye for style and welcoming space

Bonus Tip #2: Refresh the entryway

Here are some reasons and tips to refresh your entryway for a beautiful, creative entrance in Singapore:

How to refresh the entryway?

  • Include natural materials like wood, stone, rattan, or wicker that handle humidity well.
  • Choose a bold paint color or accent wall to make a focal point.
  • Include wooden or patterned floor mats to absorb dirt and moisture.
  • Add storage furniture like a console table to minimize clutter.
  • Include decorative touches that reflect Singaporean or Asian influences, like orchids, rattan baskets or Peranakan-style accents.
  • Include unique lightings like pendant lamps or paper lanterns to highlight your personal style.

Why do you need to implement this? (Benefits )

  • In Singapore’s hot climate, a cool, inviting entryway is appealing and comfortable.
  • With limited living space, an entryway is a chance to showcase personality and style.
  • An artful entryway makes a great first impression on guests and elevates a home’s look.

With some locally-inspired materials and accents, you can give your entryway a creative refresh to welcome you and your guests in style. Enjoy celebrating Singaporean flair in your home’s entrance!

Final words :

With just a few creative tweaks, you can give your home entrance a stylish upgrade that makes a great first impression. Whether you go bold with statement lighting and a vivid front door or keep it cozy with entryway furnishings, choose accents that reflect your unique personality and style. An eye-catching yet welcoming entrance lets you show off your creativity and gives you an inviting space to come home to each day. So get inspired to make your home’s first impression its best one yet!

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