Solid Classic Bedroom Door Install For HDB / BTO At Factory Price

solid classic bedroom door

Solid Classic Bedroom Door install for HDB / BTO at Door Factory Price.

Laminate Door have supply and install solid classic bedroom door with full solid wood. It can be install for HDB and BTO.

solid classic bedroom door

It’s full solid core, not the hollow door or compress fiber wood as selling in the market now. With full solid wood, you can have a better sound resistance and water resistance.

For standard HDB size, 1 door at $480, get 3 door at $1380. Price including installation service, lock set and varnish/painting for door. You can choose the colour you like.

Not even HDB and BTO, solid classic bedroom door also can install for Condo and Landed House. We will provide onsite quotation and provide you the exact price so that can help you to make decision before purchase.

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