Keep Your Home Safe With A Fire Rated Door and Fire Rated Digital Locks

Definition of Fire-Rated Door and Fire-Rated Digital Locks

Fire-rated door: A door that has been tested and rated to withstand exposure to high temperatures for a specified period of time. Fire-rated doors help prevent the spread of Fire and smoke and allow for safe exits or entry. They are made of Fire-resistant materials and components and have insulation to protect against heat transfer. The fire rating is specified in the number of hours the door can withstand extreme temperatures.

Fire-rated digital lock:  A fire-rated digital lock is a special type of smart lock that is designed to provide fire resistance and help maintain the integrity of fire-rated doors. They are built to high fire safety standards. Fire-rated digital locks meet building codes and standards for fire doors. They are tested to ensure they can withstand high temperatures of 800-900 degree celsius for prolonged periods!

Reasons to install a Fire rated Door:

Protect occupants

Fire-rated doors help protect occupants by containing fires within a single unit or space. They prevent flames and smoke from spreading to connected units, stairs, or common areas where other people may be evacuated.

Block the spread of flames and smoke

Fire-rated doors are specifically designed and tested to prevent the spread of fire and smoke beyond a single space. They help block the movement of heat, flames, and combustion products for a specified period of time based on their rating. This helps stop fires from spreading between units in an HDB block, reducing the likelihood of the entire structure becoming engulfed in flames.

Minimize overall property damage

A fire-rated door has the ability to slow its spread long enough to limit damage to surrounding properties. This minimizes damage to neighboring units, common areas, electrical systems, plumbing, and more within the block, rather than an entire HDB block or building becoming engulfed in flames due to rapid spread. 

Certified & approved fire safety to you:

YES! Having a certified Fire rated door assures better fire safety for the premises or the block you’re living in. It is also evident that some houses in Singapore are required to install a Fire rated door as per the law set by the Singapore government but a Digital Lock is not a compulsion, but if want to install a digital lock for a Fire rated door, you must install a fire-rated digital lock, if your house has a requirement of installing fire rated door and yours is already old or spoiled, then you need to change or upgrade to a brand new fire-rated door, and you cannot install a normal door instead!

How to Choose the Right Fire-Rated Door and Fire-Rated Digital Lock for Your Home

Regarding Fire safety in your Singapore home, your doors and locks are crucial first lines of defense. But with so many options for fire-rated doors and digital locks on the market, how do you choose the ones right for your needs and budget?

Here are some tips:

Consider your fire safety requirements:

Singapore fire safety regulations set minimum ratings for fire separations in homes, including doors. Check what ratings are needed for the doors/areas in your home, then choose certified doors/locks that meet or exceed these ratings. Higher ratings provide more fire resistance but are more expensive, so find the right balance for your home and risk level.

Note: You must make sure that the lock and the door have the same fire rating. (For instance, if you purchase a door with a 30-minute fire rating, you simply need to install a 30-minute fire-rated digital lock; the same is true for doors and gates with a 60-minute fire rating.)

Think about door material and style:

Fire-rated doors come in various quality materials that is fire resistant. Wood and steel doors are typically the most affordable but heavier, while fiberglass doors are lighter but more costly. Consider the style you want, door weight, and price to choose a material that suits your home’s look and budget. For digital locks, choose Fire rated models from reputable brands to ensure certification and safe operation.

Get professional advice:

If you’re unsure how to choose suitable fire doors/locks or fit them properly to maintain certification, consult a professional door/lock supplier or home fire safety expert like us, because if you need to buy a door individually, you need to check many regulations and requirements for fire ratings, but if you buy from a manufacturer who has been selling these fire doors for many years, they can install you the right door, that’s compatible for your home! We’re one of the manufacturers that you can choose for your door or digital lock needs!

While fire doors and locks are an investment, your safety is priceless. With the right choices for your home, you can gain effective fire protection and potentially life-saving time in an emergency. For the latest fire doors and digital locks in Singapore at competitive prices, check out Laminate Door.


Types of “Fire-Rated” Digital Locks That Are Perfect for Fire-Rated Doors.

There is the growth of digital lock types that are suitable for fire doors. But if you want to concentrate on fire safety, we highly suggest these digital lock products to you because hundreds of customers have already purchased them and are certified their effectiveness & worth!!

Hafele DL7600 Lever Handle Lock

Hafele is a leading manufacturer of high-quality door locks and hardware, and the DL7600 is one of their top-rated digital locks. Whether you need a standard mortise lock (the most common type in Singapore) or a heavy-duty security system, Hafele offers a range of digital locks to meet different needs and budgets. 

The Hafele DL7600 Lever Handle Fire-rated Digital Door Lock is worth considering if you want a feature-packed smart lock. It comes loaded with security features like private mode to restrict access to authorized users only, double lock mode for extra protection, and a password that generates random numbers so thieves can’t guess your code.

You’ll also get voice guides in English and Chinese to easily guide users, integration with smart home systems via Z-wave, and a low battery warning, so you know when it’s time for a recharge. It comes with a 30 mins fire rating, which means that it can withstand Fire for up to 30mins

Solity GM-6000BKF Premium Digital Door Lock

The Solity GM-6000BKF Premium Digital Door Lock is a mortise lock that is meant to replace your current handle lever or handlebar, this is a top-notch fire-rated Digital lock for your Fire rated door HDB. You can also be sure about the top quality solity assures; it’s regarded as a 5-star brand with 1-star pricing.

This door lock comes with free Bluetooth and Wifi functions, 0.9 seconds fingerprint authentication method, the same as Smartphone, a fake passcode function, high-temperature detection & fire alarm detection, electric shock neutralization, and an internal alarm system.

when it comes to the Smart digital door lock brands then solity has the best-selling products in Singapore. It has a fire withstand capability of 60mins.

Samsung SHP-DH538 Digital Door Lock

One of the features of the Samsung SHP-DH538 is its ability to use fingerprints as a means of access control. This feature can be really useful in situations where users may forget their keys or lose them, as they can still gain access to their homes by simply using their fingerprints. The lock can register up to 100 fingerprints, making it suitable for households with different users.

In addition to the fingerprint recognition feature, the Samsung SHP-DH538 is also equipped with a keypad for those who prefer to use a PIN code for access control.

The lock has a 9V emergency battery terminal that can be used during a power outage, ensuring that users are not locked out of their homes during emergencies. The Samsung SHP-DH538 is tested and certified for use on fire-rated doors, with a fire rating of up to 60 mins.

Igloohome Mortise 2+ Digital Door Lock

The igloohome Mortise 2+ Digital Fire-rated Door Lock is a smart lock that combines precision with reliability to make it the perfect complement to your modern lifestyle.

 It is jam-packed with smart features to unlock your time for the more important things in life. The lock is affordable and comparable to the likes of Yale and Samsung.

The lock is equipped with a remote pin functionality and a superior app interface. It is also Jam-packed with smart features so you can unlock your time for the more important things in life.

Your finger is the key to the lock, and you can also use a physical key to unlock the door. The lock is manufactured in the best factories in Korea, making it outstanding in quality.

Final words:

Fire Rated Doors and Fire Rated Digital Locks are truly game-changers when it comes to keeping your home safe. These robust solutions combine advanced technology with stylish designs to provide an unmatched level of security that is guaranteed to give you the fire safety that your home deserves. So don’t wait another minute; grab yourself some fire-rated doors and locks today and rest easy knowing your home is safe from the dangers of Fire.

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