Keep Your Home Safe With A Fire Rated Door and Fire Rated Digital Locks

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Your home is your haven. You should feel confident and secure when you’re inside your home, but sometimes, that’s not the case. If you’re worried about a potential break-in or fire, there are some things you can do to keep your home safe. Try our fire rated door and digital lock.

A fire-rated door and digital locks are a great way to deter burglars and protect your family in the event of a fire. Along with fire-rated doors, just add these digital locks and make your home better and even safer from burglars and other threats. Finally, we will also brief them about their installation procedures and their compatibility.

What is a Fire Rated Door and Why Is It Important?

Well, a door that is built to withstand the spread of fire and smoke is known as a fire-rated door. 

A fire-rated door is a door that is designed to protect against the spread of fireA building’s fire safety system must include fire-rated doors because they can help to contain fires and stop the spread of smoke and heat. This will stop the spread of fire as it can resist for up to 4 hours, so the spreading of fire can be entirely prevented with fire-rated doors.

Fire-rated digital locks are an important part of keeping fire-rated doors effective. 

Here are The Reasons Why A Fire Rated Digital Lock is a Must For Your Fire Rated Door:

They provide a physical barrier that helps to keep fire and smoke from spreading through the door. 

A fire-rated door needs the extra protection that a fire-rated digital lock can provide. 

A fire-rated digital lock is tested to ensure that it can withstand high temperatures and maintain its structural integrity. This means that a fire-rated digital lock can help to keep a fire door from being breached during a fire.

If you are wondering about getting a brand new fire-rated door, We not only offer fire-rated digital locks, but we do have a wide range of fire-rated laminate doors.

Down below, we’ll discuss some of the ideal digital locks that, combined with fire-rated doors, make your home super protective and secure!!

Types of “Fire Rated” Digital Locks That Are Perfect For Fire-Rated Doors.

There are many types of digital locks that are perfect for fire doors. But we strongly recommend these digital lock products to you if you want to focus on fire safety because there are hundreds of customers who have bought them and proven them to be efficient and valuable!!

Hafele DL7600 Lever Handle Lock

The Hafele DL7600 Lever Handle Lock is a DIN Type mortise lock with Bluetooth key access. This makes it ideal for those who are looking for an extra level of security for their home or office. The DL7600 has all the required hardware and is simple to install. This is an excellent lock for alerting fire, and it has many built-in features!

Solity GM-6000BKF Premium Digital Door Lock

The Solity GM-6000BKF Premium Digital Door Lock is a mortise lock that is meant to replace your current handle lever or handle bar, this is a top notch fire rated Digital lock for your Fire rated door HDB . You can also be sure about the top quality solity assures, It’s regarded as a 5 star brand with 1 star pricing. This door lock comes with free Bluetooth and Wifi functions, 0.9 seconds fingerprint authentication method same as Smartphone, fake passcode function, high temperature detection & fire alarm detection, electric shock neutralization and internal alarm system. when it comes to Smart digital door lock brand then solity has the best selling products in Singapore

Samsung SHP-DH537 Digital Door Lock

When it comes to finding the perfect digital door lock for your home, you can’t go wrong with the Samsung SHP-DH537. This card digital door lock is 4 in 1 unlock method and is perfect for fire-rated doors. Plus, it has a fire alert feature that makes it even more ideal for use in your home.

Samsung SHP-DH538 Digital Door Lock

This fingerprint digital door lock comes with a wide range of features that make it perfect for any home, including a fire alert system that makes it perfect for use on fire-rated doors. In addition to its great security features, the Samsung SHP-DH538 also comes with several other great features that make it perfect for any home.

Igloohome Mortise 2+ Digital Door Lock

The Igloohome Mortise 2+  is a digital door lock that can be install on main doors in HDB flats. It comes with a fire alert feature, which will notify the occupants of the flat in the event of a fire. It also has an emergency release button. Which can be use to open the door in the event of an emergency. The Igloohome Mortise 2+  is perfect for fire-rated doors and is available in a variety of finishes.

Installation :

Laminate doors offer top-brand locks at affordable prices. We make installation easy and free for our customers. Customers can select the type of lock that they want, and the company will send a professional to install it for them. So far, all locks are of high quality with happy customers. All these digital locks will be ship for free all over Singapore. If you are near Trade Hub Singapore and you are looking for a top-quality digital lock for your fire-rated door, then a Laminate door is available for you!


The majority of standard fire-rated doors, such as laminate doors or any other doors you want to install fire-rated digital locks on for your safety, are compatible with the digital lock. Select a lock that fits your door type Whether your door is 50 mm or 90 mm. You need to make sure the fire-rated lock fits into your door. If you want to choose an ideal fire-rated digital lock for your doo. Then make sure you contact our sales staff before you buy. We will suggest the best fire-rated digital lock for your door size. (LINK)

 Final words:

In conclusion, keeping your home safe with a fire-rated door is extremely important. Nobody wants to consider having a fire in their house, but it’s crucial to be ready. Fire-rated doors can extend your family’s time to escape and help contain a fire. But those old, heavy doors are hard to open in an emergency. Now, we think you’ve found a better way. With these stunning fire-rated digital locks. You can easily open your fire door in an emergency while still keeping your home safe. Choose them according to your door compatibility and convenience.

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