All You Need to Know About Laminate Door

Need to Know About Laminate Door

Are you looking to invest in some good quality wooden doors that may last a long time, look great on all occasions, and are rather easy to maintain? First you need to need to know about laminate door. Then you go for investing in some high-quality laminate doors, also called laminate doors.

The laminate door products are rather different in their structure, design, and external finish and sometimes stand out from other doors. These doors are made by employing a different set of technologies those use for traditional doors.

Here are some information’s you need to know about laminate door, laminate material, and its benefits.

What is laminate door?

Laminate doors are the latest unique option in interior and exterior door styling. It is a very quality, elite-looking, Cost-effective, environmentally friendly, trendy, and different color choice for your door type that will add value to your house. These types of doors offer fantastic benefits.

How are laminate door made?

Laminated doors are manufactured by pressing together flat paper and resins that pass over the surface of the door and are enforced by kiln seasoned, composite solid fillers that are fit tightly into it. These fillers or blocks of rectangular wood don’t have interstitial space within themselves to store water. The laminates are artificial material and so decorative patterns or colors may be create on the surface of the door and its durability ensures the life of the doors.

What is laminate sheet?

It can be made by two or more layers of materials are bonding together. Laminate sheets from plastics are glue to wood to create the surface aesthetic. These sheets are manufacture by laminating differing kinds of papers with formaldehyde. This laminate sheet consists of Kraff paper with phenol-formaldehyde (PF) and below it, a barrier paper is provide. Above the Kraff paper, a tissue paper is impregnated with FF melamine-formaldehyde (MF) resin is provided which provides protection and also enhances abrasion resistance. Then, these laminates are bonded to wooden surfaces with a suitable glue, and pressing a few times finishes the method.

Laminate sheets are often manufactured in two ways – high pressure or low pressure. Depends on the applied pressure, we give to the laminated sheet will exhibit different characteristics and durability. Before we dive deeper into the high-pressure laminates, let’s get to know the low-pressure laminates.

Low-pressure laminates are commonly referred to as melamine boards, which consist of one wear layer and one decorative sheet. These layers are then subjected to low pressure but too high temperatures to make a highly customizable laminate, which makes them less durable and more cost-effective than high-pressure laminates. Due to their low durability, low-pressure laminates can only be used for vertical surfaces.

Compare to low-pressure laminates, high-pressure laminates (HPL) consist of multiple layers of Kraft paper that are bond together by melamine and phenol resins. These layers are then subject to high pressure and maximum temperature to provide a single laminate sheet that not only looks good but also has exceptional durability and impact resistance. In addition, interior designers prefer high-pressure slats as they will be used on vertical and horizontal surfaces that are still high traffic areas such as furniture, kitchen counters, cabinets, etc.

Benefits of laminate door


Laminate doors feature a very durable and hard-wearing laminate finish, meaning they not only look great, but they’re also practical too. Compared with veneer doors, laminate doors are lots more resistant to scratches, heat, and also moisture. Laminate doors are the most effective choice for heavy use environments.


Laminate itself is generally water, moisture-resistant material. Laminate doors are durable enough to be place in wet areas like the toilet, kitchen, or even as the main door.

Scratch and impact resistant

The outermost layer of HPL the inner layers from scratches and impacts whilst maintaining their color and gloss longer than other materials.

Heat resistance   

As HPL is manufactured under high temperatures, it can withstand high environmental temperatures and this type of laminate door is more suite for a fire-rated door.

Hygienic properties

It provides high resistance to moisture and scratches so that the bacteria cannot proliferate on HPL, making it an antibacterial product. In addition, its anti-static properties will reduce the dust on the surface which makes it easier to clean. If u want to buy an antibacterial laminate door we will already discuss it in detail on our web page.

Easy Maintenance

Due to its very durable material, also the absence of a need to coat or paint to complete the door. Laminate doors don’t have to be recoat or repaint every few years sort of a conventional timber door. Stain laminate doors may be clean as easily as by wiping them. Though laminate doors don’t require it, it’s possible to color over laminate doors to grant them a refresh.

Fully finished

The superb finish offered with our laminate doors makes them super-easy to work with. With no need for paint/varnish, simply purchase and hang them instantly.

Final word

While many people’s perception of laminate is as a low cost and high-quality material. A laminate door can outlive a conventional wooden door. So next time are you looking for buying a new door, consider a laminate door for your most suitable choice. It’s absolute to impress you in terms of Price, Available Finishes, Water Resistance, Durability, and Easy Maintenance.

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