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All You Need to Know About Fire-Rated Doors

All You Need to Know About Fire-Rated Doors

When it comes to protecting your home or working space and its occupants from the dangers of a fire, you simply cannot rely on normal wooden doors. Normal doors and windows used in residential homes and commercial buildings in Singapore are typically made of wood, plastic, or other light materials and are not able to withstand extreme temperatures in a fire emergency. You need doors made of special materials that can withstand extreme temperatures during a fire emergency. This is where all you need to know about fire-rated doors.

The main purpose of fireproof doors is to restrict or at least delay the spread of fire, smoke, and fumes in a particular compartment of a building. These doors are made of fire-resistant materials such as timber, metal, glass, gypsum, steel, and vermiculite, which are often mixed.
Read on to learn more about the fire-rated door, this will help you select the right fire-rated door and the key criteria that need to be met to keep them working properly.

What is a Fire-Rated Door?

Fire-rated doors are specially constructed to prevent and suppress fire from spreading for a specified period of time, providing enough time for the occupants to escape the property. They enable buildings to compartmentalize and delay the spread of fire from one area to another.

Fire doors have a few vital safety features and really can be the difference between life and death. Two of the most important functions fire doors have are:

When closed, they form a barrier to stop the spread of fire?

When opened, they provide a means of escape?

Importance of Fire-rated Doors in Your Home:

While fire-rated doors are a norm across most commercial offices, residential properties can also greatly benefit from the installation of fire-rated doors. Rooms with fireplaces, such as the kitchen and living areas, tend to host a variety of flammable objects, making them vulnerable to fire accidents. In the event of a fire accident, installing fire-rated doors can be of immense help. It gives you peace of mind with the assurance that your family is protected against fire hazards and accidents.

How the Fire-Rated Door Helps During a Fire?

Fire-rated doors can help slow or prevent the spread of fire and smoke. These doors are made of combustible materials and will eventually burn through in a fire. However, they will resist the penetration of heat and flames to slow the fire for a specified time period.

And by containing the fire and smoke, they provide additional time for you to exit from the fireplace. Most people focus on the element of fire, and they don’t underestimate the significance of reducing smoke inhalation. However, the majority of people who die in residential fires do so as a result of smoke inhalation.

Fire-rated doors may also help to protect property and personal assets while fire-fighters work to extinguish the fire.


In the case of fire emergency, fire-rated doors help speed up and safe exit of people.

Can minimize the damage done to the property.

They can minimize the damage done to the property.

Protect against the fire spreading, containing it to one place along with the smoke and toxic gases emitted.

Fire-rated doors are naturally durable and robust. This ensures that your home or commercial property will not only be secured from flames, but also from thieves and potential threats.

Why Is It Important to Use a Tested and Certified Fire Door?

A reputed fire door manufacturer can provide you different types of fire doors that can offer a fire rating of 30 minutes to up to 2 hours. It is safer to use products that have been tested, and fire rated doors from licensed suppliers with proper certification are required.

What We Need to Check While Installing Fire Rated Door?

Even though it is necessary to pick a fire-rated door with the best ratings, you must ensure that it is properly installed. A fire-rated door is effective only if it is installed professionally. Each fire door comes with a different set of specifications as far as material, size, shape, and parts of the door are concerned. There are so many things to keep in mind when installing a fire rated door.

How Do You Know If a Door is Fire Rated

It is not possible to know if a door is a fire rated in Singapore without looking for the appropriate labels or certifications. The International Building Code (IBC) mandates that most buildings require fire-rated doors, and these doors can be identified by looking for the circled “UL” or “WH” on the door itself. On wooden doors, the fire label can be on the hinge side or at the door top. Additionally, Clause 3.9, Protection of Openings from the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF), states that fire doors must have the appropriate fire resistance as required by relevant parts of the Code. Therefore, it is important to select a fire-rated door that meets all criteria outlined in Clause 3.9.

What is a Fire Door Made Of 

These doors are comprise of solid, heat-resistant materials such as timber, glass, steel, gypsum, and vermiculite boards or aluminum and feature layers of protective insulation to keep out both smoke and flames. Additionally, most fire doors in Singapore come equipped with an electromechanical release latch, allowing for easy evacuation in emergency situations. With this combination of features, fire doors provide an invaluable level of protection for people and property, making them a crucial component of any safety plan.

How Long Does a Normal Door Last in a Fire

Fire-rated doors in Singapore can offer a fire rating of up to 2 hours. Must meet the requirements of third-party testing agencies for their fire ratings. Fire-rated doors are capable of withstanding heat for at least 20 minutes and must be fitted with an automatic self-closing device (eg: Fire rated Digital lock). HDB Fire Rated Doors are suitable for public housing buildings and come with up to 2-4 hours of fire resistance

Where Are Fire Doors Require 

Fire doors are mandatory for many types of buildings. According to local regulations. If the building has excessively high ceilings or is a public place like residential and commercial property entrances. A fire door is require to be install. Fire doors must also be used where there are hazardous materials that could cause a fire and in any area with high traffic areas or escape routes, like near the stairwells or Escalator in the HDB & Condo flats. It provides essential insulation from raging fires, allowing residents to escape the premises and firefighters to respond quickly. They offer a crucial safety measure in the face of danger.

Difference Between Fire Door and Normal Door

Fire doors, often featuring a combination of glass, gypsum, steel, timber, and aluminum, are design to stay shut for protection against fire. Offering more than regular doors, these assemblies come with door frames, hardware, glazing. Other components to meet safety standards as certified. But ordinary doors are made of plain wood, metal, and aluminum without any fire-resistant hardware or finish.