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All You Need to Know About, Why We Need to Change into The Digital Door Lock

All You Need to Know About, Why We Need to Change into The Digital Door Lock

We all want to have peace of mind; the feeling of protection that no thieves or burglars can enter our personal and professional spaces the moment we close our doors and leave our house or office.

From ancient times to now, our homes and offices were protected by a manual key lock of various shapes and sizes. But technological advancement features a way of upgrading our lives not because we wish to, but because we need to. Modern times require modern measures and this can be the case when it comes to digital locks.

Digital door locks are electronic locks that are the way to replace keys or to add additional automation features, like wifi, Bluetooth, Passcode, Fingerprint, Palm Recognition, Face Recognition, RFID Card, and Voice Control.

Let us see some of the benefits of digital door lock it can help you to know more about why you need this smart locking system at your place.

Helps increase security

Digital door lock offers a higher level of security. It allows users to change their pin code on their digital lock whenever they require it. Digital locks are also far more difficult to break in as compared to traditional door locks. A hammer and a screwdriver are all that you need to break open a manual door lock compared to a digital lock which is pick proof and bump proof.

Add more safety for kids

The digital door lock avoids the need for a house key to keep up with your kids. Especially if before you come home from work, they go back home from school. The child is easy to accidentally drop or misplace keys during a busy school day. What happens if after class they are locked out of the house? This poses a potential risk to their safety.

With a digital door lock, all your child needs to have is their personal security code. Accordingly, they can enter it into the keypad to unlock the front door. When they’re inside, the lock will automatically lock behind them. It ensures that they are sound and safe.

Digital door lock is beneficial for parents of special needs kids as well. Double-sided keypad locks offer an extra layer of security. It is in situations where keeping a child inside will keep them out of harm’s way.


There is no longer a necessity to hold around a large set of keys and worry about your keys getting stolen or misplaced. Most users will experience a minimum of once or twice in their life that forgetting to bring their house keys out becomes an enormous problem. Families with elderly and young kids tend to face this problem more often.


Digital door locks can almost be installed on any type of door. The lock type is almost the same as traditional locks. It’s just different from using electronic devices rather than mechanical systems.

High aesthetic

Smart locks have a variety of designs, colors, and top brand company, so you can easily choose a door lock that fits your preferences and interior.

Easy management of access

You may grant access to relatives, maids, or part-time helpers easily by giving them a temporary access code without the need to duplicate or passing them a key.

Easy to use

Many people still think that technology-related items are often complicated and difficult to use. But with the smart door lock, the operation is incredibly simple. during a short time, you’ll understand how to install and use the door lock through manuals or instructions directly from the installation staff.

No need to worry about an illegal copy of the keys

For landlords who rent out their properties, often worry that their tenants have an extra copy of keys once they shifted out and constantly having to switch the whole door lock set which becomes costly within the long term. Owners simply need to change the pin access.

Fast opening/closing times

With normal mechanical locks, you’ll need to take some minutes to open the door. you also take that much time to close the door. But the smart lock will save you a lot of your time. this kind of lock only takes about 3- 5s to unlock and you simply have to close the door, the latch will close itself.


when it comes to workmanship we provide a professional installer to fix your digital door lock. In our laminate door workers are highly-skilled and experienced workers so you no need to worry about that.

Different way of authentications

There are different kinds of digital door lock authentication methods that you can choose when you are buying a digital door lock. The following are the digital door lock methods for our products.

  • WiFi
  • Bluetooth
  • Passcode
  • Fingerprint
  • Palm Recognition
  • Face Recognition
  • RFID Card
  • Voice Control

Final word

The above considerations should serve as a great reminder of their many benefits. When you need security, convenience, and ease of use, the advantages of using digital door locks are hard to beat. Is it hard to find the best quality digital lock-in in Singapore? No, not at all. It’s too easy to find the best and highly featured digital locks for your door or gate. There are two types of digital locks available, one is Digital Door Lock, and another one is Digital Gate Lock.