Why We Go for Antibacterial Door?

Why We Go for Antibacterial Door?

You lead a busy, hands-on life. Between kids, pets and work, you don’t have time to think about all the bacteria you are exposed to on the door throughout the day, both in your home and outside. On untreated surfaces, bacteria can double in number every 20 minutes.

That’s why we introducing an antibacterial laminate door, these special types of laminates are made up of a special melamine resin and phenolic formulation that is applied onto the decorative paper surface, resulting in a higher degree of resistance to bacterial growth.  

How does it work against with bacteria?

When bacteria come into our antibacterial laminate, its chemicals will attack the cell wall of the bacteria to stop it from multiplying. Our Laminates are anti-bacterial with nano-guard, providing anti-bacterial and anti-fungal protection that reduces up to 99.99% of germs on the surface.

Antibacterial properties are essential and necessary for decorative laminates because these laminates are often applied on kitchen tops and countertops, cabinets, and tabletops that are bound to come in constant contact with food materials and younger children.

For example in the kitchen stains are frequently occurred, which will lead to spoiling the kitchen wall surface after a while. The best part about a laminate finish is that they are highly durable, moisture resistant, easy to maintain and are available in different colors and designs. Since the kitchen cabinets are subjected to a lot of dirt, grime and heat, consider these surfaces to keep all issues at bay. Antibacterial laminates take it the next step for preventing the growth of bacteria or fungi and adds an extra sheet of protection, ensuring that your kitchen is always clean and hygienic during food preparation.

Advantages of using Antibacterial Laminate Door

Easy of maintenances and cleaning

Long-lasting antibacterial performance

Reduce microbes up to 99.9%

High protection

Germs free surface

Asepsis and Hygiene

Antibacterial laminate door are legally certified by

Types of Antibacterial Laminates

We have different types of combos are available on our web page, do visit the Anti Bacterial Laminate page.

We are offering you to customized your own design of antibacterial laminates for your HDB, condo, business space, and other places in sg.

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